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How to tell google to drop all '404 crawl error' pages

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Some of our image gallery urls have been indexed by google. The page urls have changed when we updated the new images and now all these pages (thousands) are showing as '404 error' on webmaster tool. How can I make google to delete all these '404 error' urls as bulk from their indexed pages? 


Also our shopping cart provider (magento) confirmed that these gallery pages should not be indexed by crawler. Is there way to delete all these gallery page urls that are live?

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Re: How to tell google to drop all '404 crawl error' p

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Welcome to the AdWords Community Group.
As the name indicate, this group is about AdWords.

Your issue is more a technical issue. I suggest you to contact your webmaster to solve it.

But have you try a 301 permanent redirection to tell the crowler where to find the new pictures (even if there are thousands of them, each picture should have a new link, otherwise it's normal that you have 404 error). If you don't have new one, or you don't sell the product, the best would be to make a 301 redirection to a specific page stating that the product is not longer available.

If you really want these files not to be indexed, i'm sure that your webmaster will be able to help you, or you may join the Webmaster Community support :!forum/webmasters

Have a nice and sunny day.

Re: How to tell google to drop all '404 crawl error' p

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Hi pnmgroup,

Yes, this is the wrong forum for your question. Webmaster Tools might be better.

For your "404 error" pages, they will drop out of Google's index all on their own in time. You really don't need to do anything. The report is to help you find pages that should not be returning a 404 error, but they are.

For your gallery pages, if magento says they should not be indexed, it would be nice if they provided the correct tags in the rest of the system. For all links to the gallery pages, add the nofollow attribute. In side the link, include " rel=nofollow". That will stop bots from following the links.

Then, in the header of the gallery pages them selves, include a "noindex" meta tag. (<meta name="Robots" content="noindex">). That will stop the bots from indexing those pages and they will fall out on their own once the bot sees the tag a few times.

It won't happen today or tomorrow, but it will resolve itself in time. You could put in a request to remove the entries from Google's index, but it sounds like you have a lot of these and that would take a bit of time. If there are a manageable number, you can request to have them removed. Pages must return a 404 error for them to be removed from the index.

Another alternative is to make the appropriate entries in your robots.txt file. That could be risky if you do it wrong.

Best of Luck!

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