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How to target premium buyers

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Hi Guys,


I am trying to target premium buyers and i am looking for any tips to avoid budget or price shoppers. this is what i am doing so far:

i am already using negative keywords 

i have added the words premium or luxury in the ad text 

i have included the price on the ad text 


thanking you in advance 


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How to target premium buyers

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All the things you are doing are appropriate of course, Zaby.  


Also: target the campaign by metro area, preferably by zip codes.  It sounds daunting if you're doing the USA but remember, 70% of the GDP happens in 7 US States.  And most of that is in the major metro areas.  Then you can narrow it further from there. 


US demographic data is your friend, along with Wikipedia demographics.


I did it for a niche psychologist who only works with wealthy clients - it works.

How to target premium buyers

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Hi @Steve B


Thank you for the quick response. location targeting is great i am going to use it as well. I am targeting buyers in the UK 

How to target premium buyers

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Good, glad that info is helpful for you.  


For the USA, there are demographic maps which show average household income down to the county and zip code level. Something similar likely exists for the U.K. 


Remember Zaby, they asked Willie Sutton why he robbed banks. He replied "because that's where the money is!"

How to target premium buyers

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I'm not sure if people who pay premium prices for luxury brands want to hear these words in ads (opinion only, test everything).


I would focus on the features of your product that make it premium/luxury for your ad copy.


Also, if applicable, try price ranges, like "from $249". That still keeps the others away, but it implies range and choice.

How to target premium buyers

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