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How to succeed in a low-budget environment?

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I have someone who is competing in an industry where the average CPC is $7-$10. When I do keyword research using the tool, I see the above CPCs. This is the kitchen remodeling industry.


Ofcourse, there are keywords that are cheaper, but also have low volume. I'm thinking bidding less ($2-$3) would help him use his budget for the month which is 5k. However, there's many issues with this:


1) Low CTR due to bad positioning

2) Low CTR contributing heavily to a low QS

3) Low QS of his account setting the historical QS of the account as low. 

4) Other competitors who have bigger budgets smoking past his account in CTR, QS, etc.


How can he win?

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Re: How to succeed in a low-budget environment?

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Hi Mark,


My two cents...


- I'd recommend making the most of the various match types available. Keywords on broad match tend to be more competitive, and as such have higher CPC costs. More information can be found here:

- I'd also suggest using bid adjustments to strategically raise and lower your bids for certain times of the day or days of the week (or certain locations depending on where you're targeting). You can read about bid adjustments here:


I hope this helps! I'm sure there will be many more suggestions from the Community! 

Re: How to succeed in a low-budget environment?

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Thanks Rachel.
How do you suggest he _get_ to that point of figuring out which ones would be affordable match types that will do well? He will need to do a seeded campaign regardless, am I right?
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Re: How to succeed in a low-budget environment?

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My suggestion if he has a 5k budget. Look through his Analytics and Ecommerce stats to see which are the best selling products.

Pick those, And just run the campaigns on those products that have sold in the past and are competitve. If a product doesn't sell from normal traffic , Adwords is not going to be the magic pill.

Look at those products that have sold well to other traffic, Look at the actual competition for those keywords, and see how you can offer a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in your ads .

You don't have to bid for #1, if you have a UPS that makes our offer sellable. Look back at the data as well for the last 6 months and see when and where those product sold. Do people buy your product in the evening and weekends? If no, then don't run campagins them via the ad scheduling to conserve the budget.

Also look into Remarketing so that you can cheaply bring people back to the site with the display remarketing.

Is this an ecomerce site? Look into google shopping you can get some cheaper clicks usually that way because their is less competition ( ie less CPC bids).

To make the account work best, you have to manage ROI. You will have to TEST and be diligent. In some models it may take 20 clicks to make a sale. Can you Bid and the spend of 20 clicks still bring a profit to the product? if not. Look to market some of those product that that have the bet and highest chance for an ROI.

Kitchen Remodeling - work on the landing pages, A/B slit test your ads and landing pages.

The best thing you can do is Identify your strong products and situations where you can effectively spend. Don't spread the account to thin to start trying to Bid on everything. Pick a few product and work those. Then expand.

The worst thing In my opinion one can do is spread themselves so thin, they can't put enough effort or budget to produce winning propositions. Regardless the data will tell you what is working and what is not