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How to stop irrelevant clicks and increase visitors to our ad

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How to stop irrelevant clicks and increase visitors to our ad, as i get a lot of irelevant clicks with output almost going nil due to this. I am  facing loss due to irelevant clicks

Re: How to stop irrelevant clicks and increase visitors to our ad

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With a list of negative keywords and changing your keywords from broad to another type like phrase match or modified broad


Go through these articles from "the manual" :


You can also restrict your campaign to show ads only in relevant locations like your City or County.

Re: How to stop irrelevant clicks and increase visitors to our ad

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Hi Mohammed, Welcome to the community!


Just an additional insight here-


There are a number of ways to avoid the irrelevant traffic to the website.


  1. Targeting right location: If your business is location based, you can review the location targeting option in Campaign > Settings tab. If the location is broader, then you tend to get the irrelevant clicks.
  2. Running a campaign Display Network: You can review whether the campaign targeted on Display Network as well, if it is, then you can check the placements, gender, age from Display Network tab in Campaign. If some of them are fretching clicks but no conversions, you can get rid of them by excluding them.
  3. Using relevant keywords: Long tail keywords become specific and attract the relevant clicks. So you can revise the keywords you have added to the campaign. You can refer to Adrian’s links above to use the suitable keywords match type and include the negative keywords to avoid the irrelevant traffic.


“Search terms” report is worth having a look at-

So its better to check which keywords are working best for the campaign. To do so, you can check the keywords search terms report from
Campaigns > Keywords > Keyword details button >  Select "All"
You'll see search terms which triggered ad and which keywords are matched from your keywords list.


You can remove the keywords which seem irrelevant and add the keywords which are not in keywords list but are performing


4.       Lack of relevance in ad text: Try to write the ad text which is relevant to users. If you write an ad which is quite attractive to click on, but if user does not find relevant content on the landing page, then you are paying for nothing.

So relevant is the key to target the relevant clicks.


There are other factors as well like ad scheduling, which is used when the business is dependent on time of the day, device targeting- Desktops & laptops, mobile devices and tablets, setting language preferences.



Hope this helps!




Re: How to stop irrelevant clicks and increase visitors to our ad

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You stop irrelevant clicks by having more relevant keywords.


The tendency for most people is to use keywords that are too broad. I've seen it often. Someone sells ant killer products and bids on the keyword "ant". This triggers ads on all sorts of irrelevant searches.


Bidding on "ant killer" describes more the product and thus makes it more relevant to those searching on it. Those clicking are much more likely to want the product. They are more relevant.


Being more relevant means less impressions. But the point is not to get more impressions, it's to get more relevant clicks. The percentage of relevant clicks will be much higher if you target the proper keywords.


You may need some negative keywords too. Suppose there's a large percentage of searches for "humane ant killer" which your product is not. Having the negative "humane" would make it more relevant to the other searches. That would increase your click rate and those clicking much more likely to buy.


Your ads will play a role too. But it starts with the keywords.