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How to start optimizing any account

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what is the basic step or process involve in optimising any adword account.


Like if i give you one adword account where intial thing is already


Keyword upload


Targeting location set


Please tell me detail process in which how to increase revenue 

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Re: How to start optimizing any account

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Hi Sachin,


How long has the campaign been live? If it's been a week or two, you'd have data to work on.  Though I don’t know the objective of the campaign, I’m assuming it to be a Search campaign.


Add the columns Lost IS(budget) and Lost IS (rank) at the account level, to understand if you're missing on budget or ad rank.  This will give you campaign level data. If the lost IS budget is high, you’ll have to increase your budget. If it has to do with ad rank, work on increasing the same. I’d suggest optimizing the account to make the most of available budget and then increase it if need be.


I'd first look at keyword level CTR to understand how relevant & effective my ads have been. Ideally, anything above 1% is good. If it is below that, check the number of impressions. If your keywords are too narrow, you might not be getting good number of impressions. In case you have good impressions and not many clicks, I'd say the ads aren't too relevant or attractive, or the ad position isn't that good.


In the first case, try using keyword insertion for relevance, inter-capitalization, call to action phrases in your ad copies. Ad text best practices here. Also check for landing page relevance. If you’re using the website’s home page (as many newbie’s), try using the most relevant page.  Remember - your landing page should reflect your campaign’s objective.


In the second case, pull an Auction Insights report to understand your competitors’’ positions and your top page rate. Try increasing bids for keywords with low positions. Pull a search term report for keywords to identify irrelevant search terms that have triggered your ad and add them as negatives.


Then observe the account performance for a couple of weeks, pull the same reports and compare the data with the previous time period to measure the impact. You’ll then have more insights to work on. From what I've learnt, optimization is a continuous process and any account would have improvement areas. These are some initial things you can do.


Feel free to reply if you have any questions!




Sumanth Sridhar

Re: How to start optimizing any account

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Hey Sachin,

I'm sure many of us would love to help you and Sumanth has already given some good tips, but the real question we would need to know is "what problem does the account have?". Increasing revenue can be done several ways: cut costs, increase sales, cross sell, or a combination of some of these.

In order to really help specifics about where the campaign is not working or some type of problem is helpful otherwise we are just guessing. Give us more info and we can do our best to help