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How to split test landing pages?

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Ok so i kind of approached adwords all wrong. I made 1 landing page without testing it.. then i created multiple replicas, targeted niche keywords, and just changed the headlines/call to action to match accordingly.


The problem is.... i never even split tested designs which was completely backwards.


So now my new strategy is this:


Im targeting a broad keyword on phrase match... like BUY SHOES rather than buy blue shoes, buy shoes in alabama etc.


I realize i can use the same generic headline for anything phrase match BUY SHOES and it shouldent affect my results... what will is testing 3 different landing pages now using a generic headline.


So now that im set on phrase match for "buy shoes" i have went ahead and created 3 different landing pages with the same copy and ill be able to see which one results in the most signups. Im going to focus solely on design here, once i find the highest converting, ill mess with the buttons (call to action).


My question is:

How do i dynamically send the traffic to each of the 3 pages? So 3 clicks? (each landing page will get visited once)

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Re: How to split test landing pages?

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1) To split 3 clicks to 3 landing pages, you cannot use AdWords Expertiments, because this feature only splits Auctions / Impressions :


"Then, you decide what percentage of your auctions should have this experimental change. "


If you later decide you want to use this, read the following thread about the setup :


2) However you can use Analytics Experiments and define Goals as conversions.


This one lets you use up to 5 landing pages and splits the Visitor pool, which means almost the same as clicks.



"Experiments lets you test which version of a landing page leads to the greatest improvement in goal completion or metric value. You can test up to five variations of a page."

Re: How to split test landing pages?

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Hi Adrian,

I'm just starting a content Expirement to test two different landing pages for all my AdWords traffic.

However, the original landing page I'm testing is actually part of the website that can be reached by non-paid visitors as well. It's actually linked as a menu item in the header.

Now, when I launch a content experiment with these 2 url's, will people who click on the menu item get redirected to the experimental page as well?

Again, my objective is to only get AdWords traffic to split up between these two landingpages.

Re: How to split test landing pages?

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I think all traffic is included when chosing a winner, not only paid traffic. I could not find any option to select only paid traffic to be used in an experiment.


However a more simple solution with 2 pages is an ad group with 2 identical Ads, an even rotation without optimisation and 2 different destination URs.


This way if you receive 1000 impressions per ad group it should be divided in the Ads Tab to 500 impressions for the Ad1 with destination URL1 and 500 impressions for the other destination URL, and they run in a sequence taking turns for impressions.

Re: How to split test landing pages?

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I just tried your option Adrian B,

Thanks for you help. I'll check back in a few days to see if the results are 50/50 like we expect :-)