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How to spend evenly on ad groups for testing a Display campaign

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Hello everyone


I created a new campaign for the Display network, as I know, it's one of the best practices to make several ad groups with several targeting methods to check which targeting method (ad group is this case) achieve your business goals.


i.e, ad group 01 : interest + topics

ad group 02 : interest only

ad group 03 : interest + keywords

ad group 04 : keywords only

ad group 05 : keywords + topics

... etc


the problem is, I'm finding that most of the budget (almost 95% or higher) is being spent on one ad group, and the rest have only fewer impressions and click.


How can I overcome this so I can have a good data regarding all the ad groups?


Your help is higher appreciated.


Re: How to spend evenly on ad groups for testing a Display campaign

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Spending is not limited at the ad group level, only at the superior, campaign level so if you want equal quota of budget for all ad groups, move them in new campaigns. This can be done easily with the AdWords Editor found here :


There are some methods which you can try , for example you can stop spending for an ad group with an automated rule to check the variable Cost and pause ad group if a threshold is met. The problem is you have to run this rule every hour and this means creating a rule for every hour of the day.


So if your general budget is 50 $ per day and you have 5 ad groups, you can set 8 rules for each of the ad groups to check the cost during 10 AM and 18:00. The automated rules have a limit of 100 rules per account so you would be using 40 rules out of 100.

How to spend evenly on ad groups for testing a Display campaign

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I am having the same issue. Have you found any solutions other than creating multiple campaigns?