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How to reset CPA

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I have a campaign that has been running for many months now with conversion optimizer and a stable CPA.

Last week the CPA suddenly spiked (with no change on my side to the campaign or the website) and has not gone down since.

I've lowered the target CPA but that doesn't seem to have any effect.

I've also lowered the budget but no change to the CPA

The CPA is now double what the target CPA is and doesn't seem to be moving down


Any suggestions on how to get the system to adjust ?


Thanks !

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How to reset CPA

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Hi,@Alda R,


A few scenarios are possible here.


1) It is possible that conversion code was removed from a goal page(s). It is often the reason in scenarios like this one, but easily overlooked by all parties, as conversion codes are usually broken/removed by mistake. In that case you may be converting at your previous pace, but AdWords is undercounting the amount of conversions. Check if conversion snippet(s) on goal page(s) are in good order.


2) Also, did you check your new CPA in the new time frame since you've changed your target CPA? If the spike was that big, mathematically your average will continue to run much higher for a while, but if you only consider the time frame since the change in target, your CPA might be closer to normal. In which case you had a fluke, which is now over. Double check what you're looking at just in case.


3) Target CPA re-setting may not have worked. Try doing a "hard reset" so to speak. Select "optimize for clicks" setting and save. Then go back into the settings and change to your [new] target CPA again. See if that was a possibility.


If I think of any other possibilities, I'll post more.


Hope this helps! 


Julia Muller,
AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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