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How to remove keywords and ads from removed campaign?

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My client have removed their campaign, but not removed ads or keywords from it. Now, these ads and keywords appears in many views and we cannot removed it because we cannot edit removed entities. Can I re-enable campaign and remove ads and keywords THAN remove campaign again?

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December 2016

How to remove keywords and ads from removed campaign?

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Have you looked in the History (top menu under tools? If you see them there, you can reverse them. 


Further, I would add that for each of the areas you mention (ads and keywords) you have a control feature that can remove the viewing of these unused elements. If you go to Ads and then look right above the large red + Ad button, you will see a drop down menu with three options. If this is set to All, you will see active, paused and removed ads. If this is set to All enabled, you will only see enabled ads. If this is set to All but removed, you will see active and paused ads. This tool is also present for keywords, ad groups, campaigns, etc.. 


Please take a look and see if this helps. 


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How to remove keywords and ads from removed campaign?

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Hi @J Clemens,

thank you for your comment. I've looked to history changes. It is a good tip, I didn't know that I can undo the removed campaign.

Unfortunally, the undo button is not available for that change.


At desktop, I know about the filter.

When I used Google AdWords App instead, all active ads and keywords are listed, even if the campaign was removed and I can't filter this list.


Thank you.