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How to pay money to Google instead of Microsoft?

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To date, I have spent $7,184.54 on AdCenter (now Bing ads) advertisements - however I wish I to advertise with Google Adwords instead.  However, this is not possible due to the message "Your Google AdWords account has been suspended for violation of Google's Advertising Policies in this or a related account" being shown after I log into AdWords.


Does anyone know how to remove this message so that I may pay money to Google

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Re: How to pay money to Google instead of Microsoft?

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Hi Orion44,


You posted basically the same thing here in February 2013 and have commented on or asked many suspension questions since even once suggesting that you're filing BBB complaints.


Also, you're apparently "writing a white paper" and seem to think that Google will just hand over their enforcement policies and procedures to you. Sorry, but that's not going to happen.


I'm sorry that you've had your troubles but I'm not sure this community can help you.  Numerous folks have provided you with the channels you can use to find out more about your suspensions etc...we do not have access to individual accounts here, all we can do is point you in a particular direction.


Good Luck!




Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: How to pay money to Google instead of Microsoft?

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1) I know, I saw the post was saved as draft for some unknown reason, so I just updated my advertising costs to date and reposted it.  Google doesn't want my money - old news that nobody cares about, yes.  Surprisingly, it was effective to get you to do some hardcore research on my previous posts.


2) Maybe I'm writing a white paper and maybe I'm not.  Maybe the US Supreme Court said it's OK to lie about medals you earned in the military (happy Veteran's day!)  I still have a right to troll these forums just as anyone else does.


3) I'm not expecting the community to help me - look at the robotic replies on my other posts.  I'm just trying to bring light to Google's bull**bleep** double standards.  I've accepted my fate as a second-class citizen and will continue to advertise on Bing Ads.



*BONUS*   - I did file a BBB complaint way back in the day when Google was still rated a "D".  Since then, one of the Google Overlords took notice and did get their rating up to a "B".  Sadly however, I just checked it now and it's down to a "C+"  -