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How to optimize placements performance?

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I'm kinda lost here, your help is highly appreciated.


I'm using a script to help me bring all the placements the has zero conversion, along side with placements' clicks, cost, and the number of the days the ad has been showing on each placement (represented by the Date column).


I ended up with the following report:




Now I want to make decisions based on this data, but I'm lost. Keeping in mind that all domains here has zero conversion, here's my dilemma:

  1. If I exclude every site from this list, then I might be losing some potential good placements, since some of them might have shown for a little period of time (1-2 days only)
  2. If I base my criteria on the period the ad have been shown, it's not enough either, so placements might have spent so much money during a very short time.
  3. If I chose the cost as criteria, then most of this list (which is about 600 records) won't have enough data to judge, since most of them won't have more than $1-2 dollars spent.


As you may have noticed, I'm not only missing on the criteria, but also the statistically significant data figure,  which I can't seem to figure.


So my question is which criteria should I depend on, and what is the statistically significant number to base my optimization on?


Thanks in advance.




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Re: How to optimize placements performance?

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Muhammad,


Thanks for posting. This is a great question! 


Unfortunately the answer isn't as straightforward as we sometimes wish for! In my opinion, I think you need to take all factors into consideration.  


Although none of the placements have recorded any conversions:

 - if the ads have only been showing for a few days on certain placements, it might be too early to make a decision as to whether or not they may convert in future.

- if the cost is low, you might want to keep appearing on those placements for both exposure and due to the fact that one or two conversions eventually, may cover the total cost incurred. 


I would recommend looking at a combination of the factors and decide if you have given the placement sufficient time to perform and if you think it is costing too much for little or no ROI. 


These are just my thoughts - I hope they help! 







Re: How to optimize placements performance?

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Thanks Rachel for you answer!

As you mentioned, we wish to have a straightforward answer, but we can have that luxury every time, your answer was clear nonetheless!

Thanks again!