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How to measure ad performance against each other?

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Hi, I'm very new to AdWord and have been trying to find the answer to this for a few hours now. I'm trying to test new ad text within an ad group as the community has suggested. However, my question is, how do I measure the new ad's performance against the old ad since the older ad will have stats carried over from before I created my new ad. How can I make sure I'm measuring their performance within the same time period (i.e. from the time my new ad is up and running)?

Re: How to measure ad performance against each other?

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Hello Mylinh.

It is very simple to accomplish:

1. Create your new ad.

2. On the campaign settings, make sure you have "Rotate evenly" checked on the "Ad delivery" section:

3. Let the ads run for your chosen period of time.

When you want to compare, all you have to do is set the dates on the top right corner to show statistics for the period time of your choice:

So for example: if your old ad is running for a month, you upload a new ad, and then you want to compare them after 1 week, choose the time period of "Last 7 days", and you will see the comparison you want.

Basically all you have to know is the date the new ad started, which you can either write down, check "Change history" if you don't remember, or assign the ad a label containing a text with your date.

Good Luck!