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How to manage more than 100 placement urls in one campaign?

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We run a campaign in Adwords where we target the Display Networks automatically based on the keywords. Let's say we call this campaign GDN Automatic. After every month, we review the placements and move the ones with more than 50 clicks to a Managed placement campaign (Let's call it GDN December 2012 Managed).


Now, it so happens that there are roughly about 200-300 placement urls which are moved to the campaign GDN December 2012 Managed.


When this happens, we observe that, only 20-30% of the total placements consumen the entire budget, while other placements just get 1-2 clicks. This happens usually because some placements have high traffic and lower CPC / CPA, others have lesser traffic or other reasons.


How can we ensure that all the placements get equal representation?

What are the best practises suggested in such scenarios to manage larger placements?

Do we place these 200 odd placement urls in one campaign? If yes, how do we manage them?

Do you suggest splitting them into smaller Adgroups or campaigns?

Or any other best practise?

How do you manage such situations?


Hope to find some answers from experts!







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Re: How to manage more than 100 placement urls in one campaign?

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Hello Ravi,


Welcome to the forum Smiley Happy


Looking at the case you mentioned above, I would certainly suggest you to look at other metrics in addition to number of clicks on your placements. Ultimately it's not only about clicks but revenue or ROI, which most of the advertisers work for.


Moving placements with more than 50 clicks in separate campaign is ideal but what after moving the placements, are you getting any conversions or not?


If you are receiving good amount of conversions using Display Network, have you tried DCO (Display Campaign Optimizer)?


I believe that it's always good to split your campaign into smaller ad groups so that the probability of reaching more audiences increases gradually.


I would also suggest you to read this informative article by TC Scott where all the aspects of placements are covered well.


Hope that helps!


Re: How to manage more than 100 placement urls in one campaign?

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Hello ravimittal;

With managed placements campaign - Did you add keywords?

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: How to manage more than 100 placement urls in one campaign?

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@Pankaj: Thanks for the revert.


Yes, we do consider the ROI when we move the placements to new campaigns. We have two step process:

  1. We see the conversion cost (for sign up) of the placement url. If the conversion cost is well within our requirement and clicks are above 50, we move them to the managed placement.
  2. In the managed placement campaign, we then monitor the placement for the eventual ROI (paying for subscriptions on our site, which takes time from 2 days to 90 days for customer to convert).
  3. If at step 2, the placement does well, we convert the placement into an entirely dedicated campaign. Else, we put the placement in the negative list.

Display Conversion Optimizer: Yes. We do use the conversion optimizer in the Managed campaigns.


Article: Yep, read that! Found nothing new!


Re: How to manage more than 100 placement urls in one campaign?

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@MosheTLV: Yes. The same keywords as in Automatic campaign are available in the Managed campaign.