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How to make conversions for a very long sales funnel?

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The company I am doing AdWords marketing for is a software company that sells to other companies. Our ideal customer is a large corporation, although we also make sales to small and medium size businesses and some nonprofits. The sales process can take around a month and involve multiple people within the customer company, so we have been considering conversions as downloads of the demo version of our software.


I want to lower the bar for conversions--I feel that collecting email addresses of people who might be interested would be more useful so that we can continue to send them marketing material. I am thinking of making a form on our website that asks for an email address in exchange for a video giving more info about our product. It's not info that you can't find on our website, but it tells that info in a way that might appeal more to people than just reading some text.


My question is, does this seem like a trade potential customers might be interested in? A video in exchange for being on a marketing email list? Or should I be offering the video before asking for an email address? Should I keep demo downloads as the bar for conversions? I guess I'm mostly looking for a way to give customers info in lots of different formats in the hope that if they don't feel engaged by the text on the website, they might feel more engaged by a video or marketing emails targeted towards them.

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Re: How to make conversions for a very long sales funnel?

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Giving you their email in return for an info video about your product is not a BIG DEAL. As you said it would be better if you include the video on the landing page that would help the visitors digest information on a page more quickly and with less effort.

Downloading the demo version in exchange for their email is the best offer you can provide your customer with, from that they can decide easily whether to purchase the full version of the product or not.
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Re: How to make conversions for a very long sales funnel?

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This is a nice question;

A few points to remember :

In services / products in which the "purchasing process" is long, and a number of functions within the organization are involved,  I prefer to set a conversion in the format as a form for the user to fill in.


Also, if you prefer a "30 day trial " as a conversion - a better approach would be logging into a web based demo. (Not a downloaded version)


And last, a policy note: make sure that the site is informative, provides all relevant information about the product.  Sites  which their main goal is to "collect emails", are in violation of the information harvesting section of the Policy, and I trust that this is not your intent.  Smiley Surprised


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