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How to lower ave CPC after a failed Ad scheduling

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This is quite a long post, I hope you can help me.


Ive been having troubles with the adwords campaign that I manage since I implemented ad scheduling.


So Here's what happened:


I adjust bids on certain hours and days of the week thinking that it would increase my clicks/impr/ctr. However the opposite happened: my clicks/impr were reduced in half.


I waited for a while to see if the performance will get better, and sadly it did not happen.


So I decided to undo my ad schedules. I reverted back to where I started, hoping that I would get the same ad performance as I had before.


However the worst thing happened. The ad performance was reduced by 60%.


As I look at my data I noticed that the ave. CPC went up which resulted to fewer clicks within my constrained budget. So I followed the oft-mentioned solution: reduce the keyword bid on budget constrained campaigns.


Still, nothing happened.


In summary

  • I used ad scheduling that lowered the clicks/impr of my campaigns
  • I undo the changes and reverted to "Showing ads all the time"
  • This resulted to even worse ad performance
  • I found that the ave CPC increased so I lowered the keyword bid. However nothing happened.
  • Comparing two sets of data (before and after the ad scheduling):  I found that the Search lost IS (rank) didn't change but the Search lost IS (Budget) increased after implementing ad schedule


A solution I am looking at now is how to reduce my ave CPC. All the suggestions/solutions I see around the net tell me to tweak my ad copy, keyword match, variant etc. But I have already acheived low CPC before with the same ad copy, keyword variant/match that I have. 


What do you think I should do? I hope you can help me Smiley Happy

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Re: How to lower ave CPC after a failed Ad scheduling

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Hi @Gio V how much time did you leave between all these changes?  Often it'll take days, sometimes weeks before the effect of major changes to AdWords can really be judged against statistically significant data.  One of the easiest mistakes to make with AdWords is to make too many changes over too short a time, making decisions based upon short-term fluctuations in performance that may, or may not be the result of the actual changes themselves.


Have you made any changes since the last one?



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How to lower ave CPC after a failed Ad scheduling

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Hello Jon,


Thanks for the response.

I ran ad scheduling for 20 days (Jun 22 - Jul 12). And went back to showing ads at all times since Jul 12. Then I lowered my bids on Jul 14. Im not touching anything on my campaign since then.


Do you think I just have to wait and see? Thanks! 

How to lower ave CPC after a failed Ad scheduling

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Hello @Gio V,


that is a very frustrating situation.  Question:  did you evaluate your hour by hour performance and day of the week performance of those hour by hour performance before setting ad scheduling?   I need to know this answer before I can give some feedback. 


My gut tells me you didn't study your hour by hour performance and day to day/hour performance before making the ad scheduling changes.


Let's say your average CPC is .50 and you are running desktop only campaigns and you run 7 days a week.  If you didn't study your hour per hour, day per day/hour info, then you may have missed that Monday through Friday from midnight until 8am your CPC is only .10 but from 9am until 9pm at night, your CPC shoots up to $1, but by the end of the day it averages out at .50.  Also, average position matters during each hour.


This is a dramatic example to make a point but that's why I'm asking the question.

How to lower ave CPC after a failed Ad scheduling

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Hi Dathen,


I pulled hours of day and days of the week data of my campaign from the past months before I decided on which days/hours I set up ad schedules.


For instance, the best performing hours were 4pm to 8pm on Friday and Saturday. I increased bid by +20% during those hours/days and no change for the rest of the hours/days in a week.