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How to know about competitors bid with specific keyword?

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I am working on Google Adwords MCC account and handling various keywords and ad copy. I am getting big issue to achieve first page position with big keywords like Office Chairs, Table Lamps, Men's Jackets and many more.


Google Adwords suggest me to put $5.00 or $6.00 bid with high competitive keywords. My competitors are on top with these keywords. And, I can't understand How can they bid $5.00 bid with certain keyword which never give you benefit of $5.00


Can anyone help me to understand more about it?

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Re: How to know about competitors bid with specific keyword?

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You're in a commodity market, where people simply tip money at a problem. You could always get clever - after all, your best customers like you for a reason. Suggest that as a result in your ad and you'll see more clicks (this does need testing, by the way!).

The point is that with a better CTR, you pay less for your clicks. Then work out where they're coming from, target more carefully and you'll increase your CTRs again. You profit both ways - cheaper clicks, better performing advertising. Work out your returns on investments, and you'll find the sweet spots where you're getting 3x the traffic than other places. You can work out how much you need to survive - and maximize!

Any questions on this style of strategy, let me know.

My guess is that your competition have a fixed budget for online advertising with no thought given to where it's all going. If they looked at the returns, if they ever thought of marketing in those terms, they'd have heart attacks!

Re: How to know about competitors bid with specific keyword?

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Hey Anandh,

Welcome to AdWords CommunitySmiley Happy

In order to achieve the Top positions You need to work on Ad Rank to get the better positions.

Ad Rank are. basically depends on three factors:-
Quality Score:- that again on diffrent factors.

Like your adcopy relevancy with keywords and search terms.Historical CTR:- to increase the CTR you can use Dynamic keyword inseration.

2. Ad extension:- the new ad rank formula has just changed so now you have to also work on Ad extension. You can different ad formats of ad extension, it not only help you to improve the Ad Rank but also help you to improve QS of the keyword.

Please follow the below link for Ad extension:-

3. Max Cpc:- so its better you can optimize 1 & 2 steps first then increase your bid if it require.
--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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