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How to increase traffic

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I want to attract people to a database which has information on metal companies. Any suggestions?

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September 2015

Re: How to increase traffic

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Hi lannyfitz and welcome to the forum.  That's a pretty broad question so we'll need some more info before we can give you a useful answer.

First off, since you're posting in the Google Adwords forum, I presume you're thinking of using Adwords advertising to drive traffic to the site.  Does your site have any income generation element?  There are two primary methods of advertising; Brand Awareness and Promotional Marketing and Adwords has models that fits both goals.  Brand Awareness is (as the name suggests) used to "get your name out there" and is typically used to launch a new product or company.  The most closely matched form of Adwords advertising for Brand Awareness is the use of CPM (cost-per-thousand (impressions)) campaigns where you pay by the number of times the Ad is seen.  Promotional Marketing is aimed at generating an actual sale (or other conversion event such as a sign-up or enquiry) and is usually best served by CPC (cost-per-click) Adwords campaigns (although CPM can be used here as well).


So, your first step should be to identify your goals, what do you want to achieve.  This may seem obvious but you'd be surprised at how many people use Adwords (some for a considerable period and expense) without ever really knowing exactly what their aims were.


Then, with any objective, it's a good idea to try and analyse the keywords that people may use when searching Google or the web as a whole that might indicate your site would be a good, relevant, resource.  The keyword tool is an excellent place to start this process.  If you find you have a good indication of interest, you could consider Adwords campaigns but a lot will depend upon your goals and whether you have an income generation opportunity.


Give us some more information and maybe we can be more specific.



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