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How to increase the number of keywords extracted for a website?

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Hi Everybody,


Here is the situation:


I´m searching for keywords related with a specific website in order to know what are the main topics developed for that website. The thing is that after introduced the URL ( in the keyword tool of google it only shows 100 results.


What confused me is that after I clicked in the keywords column (to order the data alphabetically) the results totally change and the first bunch of results disappears, giving new data (ordered alphabetically) but completely differents from the first group.


My big questions is why only shows me 100 results when I searched based on a webiste? Is there any way to increase the number of results extracted when using an URL as the query?


I realize that when the Ad Group Ideas tab is selected the number of results has increased (200) but still is pretty low in contrast with common keyword queries searched (not URL).


Somebody knows how to expand (increase the quantity) the results when searching for keywords using an URL as the query?

Thanks in advance for your advices.

Best Regards.




Re: How to increase the number of keywords extracted for a website?

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Hi Luis,


Are you sure that you can't just scroll through more pages via a link in the bottom right of the results? i.e. "next page" or similar?


That's what happens when you re-order the data. All the keywords you were previously seeing (usually based on relevance) will be sorted alphabetically and as such be showing on 2nd, 3rd pages etc... I'm almost certain this is what has happened. 


Can you check?

Jack Porter-Smith
Jack's G+

Re: How to increase the number of keywords extracted for a website?

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Hi Jack,


Thanks for your reply and answering to your question; yes I had tried to scroll down to see if there any tab or link that allow me to access to more data, but there isn´t any.


Certainly when anyone click to re-order the whole data changes completely because of the type of sort requested, but the trouble is that when I entered an URL as the query then the quantity of results decrease considerably. To confirm what I said here´s a short sfw video that you can download to you PC (is safe from any malware)


Hope we can solve this issue, I always tried to search based on word queries, but now for websites URL´s as the query I realize the data available is limited to just few results. And that can hurt the market investigation.


Thanks in advance and best regards.