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How to increase the conversion in search campaign

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Hi All,


I want to know how to increase the conversion in search camppaign as i run a travel campaign but most of the conversion come from brand name and i also run a seprate campaign for other packages as well but not getting conversion. we are using BMM and Exact  keywords with all features and set manual bid.

so how can i increase as we are getting clicks but not converted.


Please help.

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Re: How to increase the conversion in search campaign

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Hey Khem, how are things?

There was one similar post regarding conversions improvement just yesterday. I strongly recommend you to take a look at:

It's very important to raise one point here: whenever an advertiser measures conversions, that means that Adwords is responsible for just 50% of the process, which is leading the right user to the website. Your website is responsible for the other 50%, which means that if you're getting clicks e relevant CTR%, that means that you're doing fine on the google/campaign side. And if you're not getting conversions out of it, that's probably something "wrong" on the website.

Consider to analyse not only your campaigns, but your website as well. All the buy process, load page time, images, user experience and very other important aspects of your website.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: How to increase the conversion in search campaign

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If there were a simple answer to this question we would all be rich!

There are two core questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Are the people that my campaign is bringing to my website well qualified? i.e. are they ready to convert in the first place?

2. Is my website converting effectively?

The first question is about the quality of visitors - the choice of keywords (positive and negative) and the ad copy itself should eliminate people who are not looking for precisely what you offer.

The second is about your website. If the people you send to your site are qualified, then what is happening once they land on your site to change their mind? For example, are the organic search visitors converting? If your organic conversion rate is 5% and the cpc rate is 1% then, on the face of things, there is a problem with the traffic. If both are 0.02% then there is a problem with the site.....

Whilst it may sound glib, online advertising optimisation can be reduced to a simple concept - so more of what works and less of what doesn't.... apply this approach and you should see improvement.

Re: How to increase the conversion in search campaign

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Hi Khem,

I will recommend the following:-


  • Cross check your landing page that your Text Ads & Landing Page information is same or not. If information is same (means whatever offer your including in the text ads. That should be appear on your landing page.) then ignore. If information is not on the landing page then please include on the landing page.
  • Please cross check in-page analysis report for analyse your landing page user activity. This help you more.
  • Cross check your Search Query report and exclude the irrelevant keywords and add as a negative.
  • Please cross check your Text Ads and try to include the Offer of your Travel services.You can also use same text ads those are already converting in your Brand campaign.



Re: How to increase the conversion in search campaign

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Hello Khem,

As additional to other expert replies I would like to recomend you the following:
Set up Google Analytics on your website, adjust goals on actions that lead to valuable conversions and link Analytics with AdWords. Then all your conversions that appear from AdWords traffic will be shown in your AdWords account and you can see what keywords and ads are lead to conversions and optimse campaigns. More about here
Then increase ammount of keywords that potentionally can lead for conversions and low the bid or remove old keywords that are unprofitable for you.
Create at least two (better three or four) versions of text ads in each ad group using texts that motivate users to make valuable action on your website.
If conversion tracking are set up use AdWords strategy like Target CPA or Target ROAS - and optimisation for ad rotation Optimise for Conversions.
And of course you should work on your website to improve user's exeprience and make your offer more attractive for visitors.

Best Regards