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How to improve your CTR on a very specific campaign?

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Hello, I'm working on a client's campaign with very specific regional and industry targets, the campaign was started about a week ago and today that I reviewed the metrics I found out that the CTR is pretty low though my average position is the 1.4. Then I try to analyze the information and I found out that with the same words that I have some other competitors we're also ranking, though they were not as specific as we are on the real business, my question is: Taking on account that we're competing against very renamed trademarks and that our business is very specific geographically and business wise, is it normal to have a low CTR at the very beginning? What can I do to raise my CTR on this specific camapaign. My keyword research was wide but since my client's business is very specific there were not so many keywords to add.

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Re: How to improve your CTR on a very specific campaign?

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How many impressions have you gained by now? (After a week)
Initially you are assigned a "default QS" - based on other advertisers' QS for the same KW (in its exact match type) until you gain about 1000 impressions. At this  point, your own  campaign performance (i.e. mainly  KW CTR) "kicks in".


If you crossed the 1000 impressions -  then we should look further at   your CTR.


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Re: How to improve your CTR on a very specific campaign?

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Hi Arioncito D,

Without adding or changing keywords or ad copy, there is no reason to assume your CTR will go up after a period of time, and there is no reason your initial CTR would be lower than compared to a longer period of time.

To raise your CTR, test multiple versions of your ads within the ad groups. Organize your ad groups so all keywords in the group relate to the ad copy.

As Moshe says, your initial QS is based on performance across all advertisers. When you get enough impressions for your own performance to become the dominant factor, you will likely see you QS go down if your CTR is low compared to the competition.

What is you Impression Share? Comparable CTR.

Best of Luck!

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