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How to improve the conversion

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I am Running A Financial Based Campaign, Last Three Months onwards My Conversions Are decreasing way, what need to improve the conversion , what changes are required at present to improve the conversions


what type of mistakes leads to decreases the conversions



can any one suggest me what needs to do to improve my conversions

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September 2015

Re: How to improve the conversion

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Hi Vikas,

This is of course a pity. Did you changed anything over the past three months? Did the traffic went down last three months?

There can be several reasons your conversions went down:
- Seasonality: some business are depended on seasonality. For example the travel business.
- You decreased the CPC a lot, so the traffic went down, which can lead to less Conversions.
- There is a new (aggressive) market player, so you need to spend increase.
- Did the website changed? Maybe the changes there, turned out to be less appealing for users to make a conversion.

You can do several things to improve the
- Check your Quality Score of your keywords. See if there is some improvement to make here, for example by adding new ads which are better.
- Make a search query report, so you can find new valuable keywords or add negative ones.
- Check your position. Is it very low? Then adjust your CPC or work on the Quality Score of your keyword (if they are bad).
- Make a test booking to check if the conversion tracking is working correctly.

Hope it helps. If you have more questions, please ask.


Re: How to improve the conversion

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Hi Vikas,

Without looking too much into the account it is difficult to diagnose accurately.

My immediate reaction (aside from Fennas excellent points) was to look at these following:

1- Have you tested the conversion code is firing correctly? (please see checking conversion code It may be simply conversion code isn't working as expected or hasn't been applied to any new landing pages or new content pages.

2- Check google analyitics for page bounce, load and site speed. It could be a technical issue that is receiving clicks but not getting sessions, or therefore conversions. Please see the following support help for clicks vs sessions

3 - Check Landing Pages are still clear, relevant, functional, and have specific goals you want the user to follow. It may be something simple as you have received an increase in mobile traffic yet your clients site isn't mobile responsive.

4- New vs Return Visitors. I would check Google Analyitics to see if any new users are being captured with the Adwords campaigns. If the kw set is very tight and specific, you may be hitting the same audience over and over again. This could well be a likely cause. If so, consider changing your landing pages or introduce micro conversion goals such as 'contact us for free 15 minute audit?'.

Those are the key points i would look at first. Remember, it could just be a technical error opposed to advanced conversion techniques. I have seen some great minds trying to solve some conversion problems and it turned out the page didn't contain any conversion tracking Smiley Happy

Please let us know how you get on and if you found my answer helpful.

Kind Regards

James Edward Goode

Re: How to improve the conversion

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Hi James

As Per your suggestion i have cross checked the analytics metrics in that process i observed couple of things

1.There is frequent drop in returning visitors Compared to new visitors

2.most of the conversions are generated by new visitors on last 3 Months

why returning visitors are not generating the conversions and what i need to do to generate the conversion from returning visitors