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How to improve my campaigns performance - Conversions Wise

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Category - Electronic Component  (B2C) Like Ecommerce Portal
Campaigns 20
Daily Budget - Rs. 500/day

Target Geo - India



I have added product specific keywords (Broad Modifier, Phrase, Exact- Exact Ratio is too low compare than broad and phrase) and not getting conversions on those campaigns. When i search the keywords in googel i am not able to see my ads each time what is the issue.

Please suggest.




Re: How to improve my campaigns performance - Conversions Wise

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Hi Anand K,

This is a really broad topic and there are many many ways that you could improve your campaign and increase conversions.

What I will do here is point you in the direction of where I would start given your description.

You need to target the correct audience. You are not reaching the most relevant audience for your product. The fact that you cannot see your own ads indicates that your reach is cast far too wide, especially for your budget. I would suggest narrowing your targeting and concentrating on the most profitable target audience you can reach consistently given your budget.

In order to do that you will need a number of tools in your arsenal and knowledge of how to use them. Below is a list of some of these tools to get you started:

Negative keywords:

Search Query Report:

Text Ads:

Keyword match types:

Ad extensions:

This should give you a good place to start with both narrowing your targeted audience and the best ways to attract those customers to your website.

Good luck