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How to improve my Conversion for niche service?

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Hi All,

Today I have another question about conversion improvement. I am running a campaign for some niche group, who are looking hire IT company, looking for some dedicated developer etc. And my target market is US. My keywords avg. CPC  $10. 

Here I shear with you some of my top performing keyword. All those keywords gets only 5+ clicks and and avg CPC $6 to $10. And another most important think that my Avg. position it's 4 to 3.5.

  1."net developer"

 2.[net programmer]

 3."net programmers"

 4."php developer"

 5."c# developer" +firm


 I am using  broad match modifier for get more impression.

I have been running this campaign last 4 month and get only 52+ clicks and spent $435, day by day my CPA increased. How can improve my clicks and my lead also with low CPA?


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Re: How to improve my Conversion for niche service?

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Avijit P,


Thanks for your post. This is a tricky one! 


With regard to conversions, I'd recommend ensuring your broad match keywords aren't too broad and generating clicks that are less likely to convert. Make sure you've added plenty of negative keywords too. In addition to this, make sure your leading ads to the most relevant landing pages and that the website is easy to navigate. Try to make it as easy and as quick as possible for people to convert! This article provides some good suggestions.


On the cost side, try using bid adjustments to maximise your ROI. Maybe try increasing your bid adjustment for certain locations in the US where you tend to generate conversions (and decrease it in locations where you don't generate many conversions). This Inside AdWords Blog post provides some good insights. You could also try using ad schedule bid adjustments to decrease your bids during times when you generate little or no conversions, and you can increase the bid adjustment for higher volume times. 


I hope this helps! 



Re: How to improve my Conversion for niche service?

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Yes I already add lots of negative keywords and my landing ads are related to my landing page also there is no doubt about it. Would you please suggest me that what type of keyword I can use for “+” broad match modifier? And I need lots of click. How can I improve Click also.
Here some of my negative keywords:


Re: How to improve my Conversion for niche service?

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If I running a new campaign some targeted city or region, where from I get most clicks and impression. It will be hell full for my campaign? 

Re: How to improve my Conversion for niche service?

Rising Star
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Rising Star
Hi Avijit.

Its better to use a tool like keyword planner or even a third party tool to understand how your keywords will work on a different location if you are hoping to change the location targeting.

Getting in to your initial question, I think @RachelM has covered most of the stuffs. If you were using these same keyword set for few years most probably one reason for your cost to increased should be the decreasing quality score. For this one factor may be CTR changes through out the years?

What you can do is other than what has already being done is try to narrow down your targeting through ad scheduling also? Try analyzing your results through out last years and try to figure out when your ads performing best and you might get a chance to narrow down your time period accordingly.

Also I would research for some fresh keywords and add them add how it will perform also in this kind of scenario.

Re: How to improve my Conversion for niche service?

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
About negative keywords. You should have potentially 100's. Use the Search terms Report and the Analytics Matched Keyword Report to identify the terms in which people actually typed in to see your ads.

You will find lots of terms that may not be in your best interest. Add those as negative keywords and then thing about closely related terms.

Ie: Free Web Design creation from scratch
Even when you have a long term see if there is ONE Word you want to remove via negative. in the example it would be "FREE"

Landing pages. Make sure it is super easy for someone to convert. Ie Fill out a simple form? Name - email, phone number.
Are you giving away something Free to help generate the lead?

Additional Keywords to Bid one or TEST:
People not in the Business, may not search for a "Net developer", They may search for a Web Creation, Website Professional etc. Think in terms of the customer, or Business man that needs to create a website would use, They are usually not a technical. They think in general terms. You may be able to get some decent clicks for less "Geek terms" and more "BusinessMan Terms"..

For example
website builder
create a website

Just some food for though and things to test.

Good Luck
Eric G