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How to improve impression share on Google Display Network

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Hello Friends,


Want to know the best practice to improve the impression share of the campaign on Google Display Network. I have recently setup a new campaign. Its a placement targeted campaign on CPM. I cannot add new websites into the campaign. The average CPM is almost 50% lesser than my my bid yet when i diagnose the targeted website, the message box displays different messages. On few placement it says

1) This ad isn't receiving all the impressions available because its Quality Score is below our threshold.

2) Your ad isn't showing because it lost in the auction to ads with more competitive bids.

3) You don't have enough Google AdSense pageviews yet to diagnose the combination of your current campaign settings and targeting criteria.

4) This ad group isn't currently available for serving. 


Besides all my ads are getting around 5Lc impressions per day. I believe the impressions for my campaign would be much higher if i can overcome the issues listed above, but dont know how?


friends please share your expertise & best practices in this regards.




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September 2015

Re: How to improve impression share on Google Display Network

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Hi Waasif,


To enhance your impression share, your ads must appear either more often or in more locations.


Here are some common guidelines to help enhance your impression share:


Increase your budget – it's keep in thoughts that the funds manages how often an ad is proven.


If you reduce your regional targets, you may see a rise in impression share – but keep in thoughts that the dimension the "pie" has been decreased.


Increase your bid.


If you enhance your regional targets, you may see a loss of impression share because your "pie" is larger now.  To prevent this, consider re-adjusting your budget so that it'll protect the expenditures of your new campaign configurations.



Brijesh Sharma

Re: How to improve impression share on Google Display Network

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Hi Waasif


1. Try a) better landing pages (higher relevance in relation to the ad and the placement where the ad is showing), b) try to get a higher CTR for existing ads (customize ads for specific placements and/or for the audience that might visit that specific placement, for example: if the webpage is in german, use ads in german!)

2) higher your bid, try to increase you QS

3) be patient

4) how many placements do you have in this ad group? Are you sure they serve AdSense-ads?

Re: How to improve impression share on Google Display Network

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Thank you Brijesh and David for helping Waasif.


Waasif, Does that address your question? Do you have any follow up questions?