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How to improve CTR ?

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Hi all respected member,

I am working on a campaign in which the ad delivery method is accelerated... can any body tell me how can I improve the CTR. Campaign has as many as 2800 impression with CTR of .67 %  and avg ad position is 3.1.

I do have sitelinks on. 

The campaign has tigtly themed ad groups with maximum keywords in Broad Modifier and Phrase Match and the avg. quality score of keywords are between 7-8.

Kindly help me out!

Re: How to improve CTR ?

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HI jainabhinavppc

Although its very hard to answer your question as there can be several ways to improve your CTR depending on industry, keywords, structure, etc. Here are some suggestions

1. I would start with looking at your ad copies and if they are relevant to the keywords as well as search queries.

2. Also look at your search term report and make sure your BMMs are actually triggering your ads on relevant search queries

3. Look at this Great article by Kim

Hope this helps.




Regards, Nik
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Re: How to improve CTR ?

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Hi. Your QS indicates that your ads are relevant and searchers find them attractive. But if you want to increase CTR, you have to make them even more so. You are obviously saying something that is making them click your ads but something else might be even better. So test, don't be afraid to try new ideas.

You have good QS so I would not be afraid to increase my bids in this case, especially being so near the top. Your actual CPC will not go up that much. In other words, a 10% bid increase usually doesn't increase your CPC by 10%, especially with QS of 7 and 8. You may also find in your niche that most searchers will click the first and second positions a lot more.


Always check the SQR (Search Query Report) regularly as Nik suggests, particularly on broad matches. It's often a great source for negatives.


Sounds like you are doing well so keep it up. Just one thing, you don't mention using exact match keywords and I would add those.


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Thanks for your reply first of all! The area I am targetting is just one metro city i.e chennai and I am regularly and deeply analysing my SQR and I feel lucky that I don't have much negativesin that report because I have got long list negative keywords updated,  the only thing that is bothering me is when I started the campaign 20 days back avg quality score was 9-8 for 1st week and then it has started dipping... may be because low CTR!! so the solutions I have came up with is to increase my bids to 10-15% and so I can improve my ad position and with higher ad position I can get maximum numbers of clicks at given time.

Thanks a Tonn!!