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How to identify promising Keywords with low Quality Score?

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Hello, Everyone!

I'm working on creating Optimisation Plan for my AdWords. This includes improving Quality Score for my keywords. It's not a problem to find an advice related to improving the Quality Score, however I'd like to know how do you identify the keywords that have a potential but due to low QS can't work effectively. First thought I had was to set up a filter e.g. 

- Last 30 days
- Qual. Score <7/10

- Clicks >100

Tried with Impressions and ROAS but I wasn't very happy with the results. Obviously low QS may prevent good Keyword from showing and being clicked. I believe that's pointless to improve every single keyword when I need to operate on hundreds of thousands - especially when large part of them may not be even worth it.

So that's my question - what metrics or other methods would you use to identify Keywords with good potential and low QS?

Best Regards,

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Re: How to identify promising Keywords with low Quality Score?

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Hey Alex,


That's a great question. Something to consider would be on-page keyword metrics from Google Analytics. If you aren't familiar, you can link your AdWords account to your Google Analytics account to analyze customer activity on your website after an ad click. Once this is complete, review your low quality score keywords to find those with above average 'Pages/session' and 'Avg. session duration' as well as below average 'Bounce rate'. These criteria will imply that your keyword is relevant to your customers and worth trying to improve quality score on.



Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Rising Star, LinkedIn
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