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How to get more impressions in Farsi AdWords?

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Our Company currently have 2 campaigns. One is worldwide and the other one is Persian campaign.

Our main concern is to reach more people and get more impressions as there are not in reasonable amount now! - only 150 impressions per month for entire the world doesn't make sense - also we want to target our Iranian customers who are living in Iran!!! All our AdWords in this campaign have written in Farsi.


As our rare case, I tried couple times to reach a Google account strategist who has an advanced knowledge to help us, but couldn't be in touch with them.


Please advise!


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Re: How to get more impressions in Farsi AdWords?

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Hi Leila
Welcome to the community.

You didn't mention what your bidding and/or keyword strategy was. If you're only receiving 150 impressions, that could be for many reasons.

1) The keyword simply isn't being searched for. Are you using broad, phrase or exact match? Can you try broad matching to see what the results are?

2) Do you have a negative keyword blocking the keyword from triggering your ads?

3) Does the keyword have a poor quality score? If so, it may not be shown as frequently (or at all) as you might imagine.

Do a search using the Ad Preview & Diagnostics tool in the tools menu and see what it comes back with. What does it say?

Re: How to get more impressions in Farsi AdWords?

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Hi David,

Thank you for being responsive.

Actually our bid strategy is Focus on clicks, automatic bidding, CPC bid limit: $2.00. Enhanced CPC,

1) I am using broad match. all keywords have already set up as broad match.

2) I have 13 negative keywords.

3) Quality scores are between 6 - 10 now. but the time that quality scores were higher we had the same issue.

It is interesting to know that when I am using the Ad Preview & Diagnostics tool keywords to check all AdWords , they are always on top and first page but when I am trying to check my keywords on Google page they don't show up!!!!!!!