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How to get more click?

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My Add is running but I want to more click on My Keywords. Can you please gives me some tips.What can i do?

Re: How to get more click?

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Hey Orion,

Welcome to adwords community!
If you want to get more clicks you have to increase landing page quality

Please refer Below points.

1. Acquire keywords quality score more than 7.
2. Insert relevant keywords on your ad copies.
3. Group keywords according to combination of keywords
4. Use broad match type for 2-3 days
5. Convert broad match type into modifier if you receive more clicks.
6. Don't forget to include negative keywords when you use broad match keyword type.

You should make sure that your ads are we;; optimized to increase your performance. Tips for creating successful ads can be found from here : I also strngly suggest you to check helpful about keyword optimization tips, here is the link:

Re: How to get more click?

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Hi Orion,


Here are few suggestion from my end:


1. Check The "Search Lost IS (Rank)" in your keywords tab & consider increase the bid accordingly to Improve your AD Rank.


2. Improve your ad copies.try to add Keyword in the headline.also use a strong call to action.Here are more suggestions for you


3.Consider using the Sitelinks

4.Check the Search Term Report & add irrelevant keywords in the Negative keyword list.