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How to get better conversion with shopping campaign

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In my shopping campaign I get good number of clicks despite of that I am not getting good number of enquiries.


So anyone please help me what can I do in my account then I can maximize my conversion.


Daily budget: 5 Pound

Number of clicks I get 50 to 60 but I am not getting enquiries Sometimes I get one to two conversion.


Your guidance will be really appreciated

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Re: How to get better conversion with shopping campaign

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
Hello Frank S,

you can always improve your shopping campaign by separating it by brands/margin/general search queries vs. product search queries -> raise bids on profitable parts of your google shopping campaign, decrease bids on items that doesn't generate anything or cost you too much.
You can improve your product titles, descriptions, product images - try to be different, give people what they want to see when they are about to buy something. It is usual that many advertisers have absolutely same product images so your ad will fade out among the same images, try different unique image.

That should be it to the feed and shopping campaign.
Also what is your bounce rate for google shopping campaigns/ad groups. Is it high? You said you are getting healthy amount of clicks, that means people might like your ad, but they do not like what they see on your website. If people go to other pages -> throughout the purchase process -> you will see how many pages people visited after they got on your website - if the number will be high enough, but still no conversion there has to be problem on your website preventing customers from purchase.


Re: How to get better conversion with shopping campaign

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Hi Frank,


In addition to informative response from Alex above, I would like to add that you can first analyse the data what you have received using different specific Shopping campaign related reports like Benchmark CTR, Benchmark CPC, Auction Insights Report etc...Based on this data, you can fine tune the campaigns in terms of bids and other important metrics.


Benchmarking Impression Share data would also help you identify where exactly you stand in the competition in front of your advertisers and then make the changes accordingly.


I would also suggest you to go though this reference for more insights:-