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How to create Following Ads

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I am not sure the tech term

I want an ad that follows the user. I see them all the time, i do a search on CRM, and then i see the same ad or company all the time following me on my search.

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September 2015

Re: How to create Following Ads

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Hi BB,


I believe what you are referring to would be a remarketing campaign; tagging a website visitor with a cookie and targeting those users across the Google Display Network. (How does it work)


The first thing that needs to be done is installing the Remarketing Tags on your website.  As users are tagged with your remarketing cookies, they will be added to an audience list that you will eventually target in your campaign. There are a few methods available for creating these lists.  The key here is, your audience lists need to reach 100 members before you can target it in a campaign.


Having a general idea about how you're going to go about remarketing will help you in your audience creation.  Are you targeting just paid visitors to certain landing pages? Would you want to target to organic visitors as well?  Is there a converted users list that will help you at some point?  As you can tell, there are numerous strategies that can be employed with remarketing and having remarketing audience lists set up correctly is vital to success.


One thing I always try to do in a remarketing campaign is to cater to the users as much as possible.  Something didn't work out the first time around, this time I will do better to deliver my message to the user.  My ads will be sharper, my landing pages will be better and my message will be clear.  


Remarketing is a popular topic here and there are some great threads here if you run a search at the community main page, you'll find a lot of good information.  Also, there are some good Wiki articles you may want to check out.


If you have any specific questions as you're going through the setup of your campaign, please don't hesitate to come on back.


Here is a "7 minute setup guide" too. 


Hope this helps!



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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How to create Following Ads

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