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How to check historical quality score?

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Hi all


Ive tried a couple of new landing pages to see if it will improve my QS, but now i need to check what the previous score was as this goes across many keywords- is there a way to monitor if the quality score is going up or down in adwords or editor?


if there was even an average QS in the very bottom row that would help but doesnt seem there is?


If not, id best start taking notes manually!




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September 2015

Re: How to check historical quality score?

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Yes - keep a manual record - I'm afraid that QS - despite being something that is crucially important - cannot be tracked over time... there are some scripts you might want to look into that will populate a google doc, but it's more or less the same thing as keeping manual record. I tend to use screenshots to record the QS - and compare over time.

Re: How to check historical quality score?

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Hi ripleyhypno,


As Steve has suggested, I use a Script to keep track of "Account level" Quality Scores, along with other top-level metrics such as CTR, conversion rate, etc., writing the results out to a spreadsheet daily.  It's handy to look at for long-term trends, and especially useful when making major changes to an Account.


However, bear in mind that there really is no such thing as "Account QS", and the figure that these scripts push out should be considered a guide rather than an absolute.  Bear in mind that QS can also change for reasons outside your control (for example, the change Google made to reported values a while back).



Re: How to check historical quality score?

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Thanks Jon, appreciated

Re: How to check historical quality score?

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Hi Ripleyhypno

As Jon pointed out scripts can help here and indeed Top Level acc stats.

There is a KW QS tracker script that can be implemented to help here that you may consider useful going forward.

The script I’m presenting here is from PPC Epiphany and tracks selected keyword quality scores over time. If a quality score changes, it can notify you via email. The script also uses a Google spreadsheet to track the quality score of each keyword. Over time it logs the complete quality score history of your keywords in a simple, easy to use spreadsheet.

You can use this script to track quality scores regularly and see changes over time. You can also use it to diagnose a set of keywords when needed. And, of course, you can use the history for your own analysis later.

The script can be found here


Given some script run time errors (I believe a 30 minute capacity) it may be advisable to start with your largest traffic drivers / converters / ROI KW and keep track of these and optimsie accordingly.

The great thing about this is you can be very proactive with your changes and thus account performance.

Hope that help upon the great advice from Steve and Jon.

All the best

James Edward

Re: How to check historical quality score?

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Adding an update 1.6.16 It's worth checking out http://www.ppc-epiphany.com/2016/03/11/introducing-the-quality-score-tracker-v3-0/ - works well... looking forward to the upcoming MCC version.

How to check historical quality score?

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As of May 2017 Adwords introduced the possibility to add more Quality Score related columns directly in the Adwords Interface.


Especially interesting is the column "Quality Score (hist.)" which will give you the Quality Score for the selected date range. It seems like that you can go back to 2016 to check if any changes made have had a positive or negative impact on your Keyword's Quality Score.


So no need anymore to keep track of QS manually.




How to check historical quality score?

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As @Achim just mentioned, AdWords just released Historical Quality Score this May, making QS tracking and analyzing much easier.


Even though Quality Score is a valuable metric, it should only be used as a diagnostic tool, not a Key Performance Indicator. As such, it is essential to look at Quality Score together with other metrics to have a complete view of your campaign performance.

To automate that process, I’ve recently developed a Quality Score reporting template, and thought you might be interested to check out. It allows you to:

 1. Monitor each keyword’s’ quality score along with other metrics (CPC, Conversion Rate, Cost, etc.

 2. See what keywords have high/low traffic and high/low QS to decide whether you should get rid of those keywords or keep them or change them.
 3. Filter keywords and their matchtype by campaign to easily locate them in your account


The template and step-by-step instruction can be found at https://supermetrics.com/blog/adwords-quality-score-analysis-reporting/ 




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