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How to block displaying my search ads for the person who clicks on my Ad without any business ?

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 Sometime, My old clients keep clicking on my Ad for visiting my page to raise a support ticket. 

This is not a new client, form where I will get a business. 


But, I keep getting clicks from my old clients who want to visit my website and raise a support ticket.


Unfortunately, we will be paying money for this too. This makes it Adword even more expensive.


How can I avoid this kind of clicks ?


Example: One of my client raises average one ticket per week. So I assume he clicks on my Ad at least 52 times in a year. I have 1000 such a client and total amount paid to Google will be 


1000 Client * 52 Weeks * 200 Rs per click. 


Per year, I lose 10400000 Rs



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Re: How to block displaying my search ads for the person who clicks on my Ad without any business ?

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Hello, Mani.

What you need here is the concept of "negative audiences". You need to create a remarketing list containing people who already converted on your website (you'll need to define and track that conversion first) and then use it as an exclusion list in your campaign.

Once you do that, people who've already opened a ticket (and where the conversion script has fired and recorded that conversion in AdWords or Google Analytics) will be added to that list and will no longer be shown ads from the campaign where that exclusion list is used.

More on remarketing lists for search ads here:
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Re: How to block displaying my search ads for the person who clicks on my Ad without any business ?

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Hi Mani1978,

I assume this is happening off of a brand campaign. If that is the case then there is one way to do it without stopping your brand campaign.

You can create a new conversion point for anyone who fills in a support ticket. You then need to create a remarketing list using this tag as the inclusion condition, in other words crate a remarketing list for all users who have created a support ticket.

Make this list last an extended amount of time (540 days is max).

You can then apply this remarketing list as a negative to all your campaigns, so that none of your ads will be served to anyone on this list.

Beyond that you can also look at adding negatives to your campaigns around searches for support, but be sure to do some research here in terms of what negatives to sue and what campaigns to apply them too.

Good Luck