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How to balance paid and charity accounts - competing etc...?

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Hi Community...I have an odd problem...I work for a health clinic that became a charity. We had an adwords campaign running that was paid and performed quite well. However when we became a charitable foundation we were awarded with a charity account with google. This meant we could have a budget free! However, there is a limit of $2 max per bid. We are in the UK so dealing with £, but on our paid account, our CPC rarely go much over £ I thought this would be fine.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to get the same kind of traffic and performance out of the charity campaign. So much so that we continue to spend money in out paid account, and run the charity account alongside. Currently the paid account brings in 200 conversions per month, and the charity another 100.
When I pulled the paid account offline, our conversions fell too low hence restarting the paid account.

I can understand that we are directly competing with accounts, and it seems mad to do this, however I simply cannot get the same performance. I actually copied the paid account to the charity one expecting it would perform similarly, but it didnt...and I had to vastly increase the broadness of what was a tight campaign...

Does anyone have any advice? Could it really be the mac CPC limit that is causing this difference in performance? Or maybe there is something else in the adwords system that does not allow free accounts to out compete the people paying? I can only spend about 10% of the charity budget we get and it is quite frustrating when we are paying ££££ each month ourselves...

Thanks for any help...

Re: How to balance paid and charity accounts - competing etc...?

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Hello @Alex_H,

I am speaking from the standpoint of experience working with non-profits that both run paid and unpaid as well as non-profit adwords accounts only.

The $2 max cpc ceiling is a struggle to overcome against paid competitors who do not have such limitations. Aside from working on improving quality score by increasing click-through rate, ad relevancy and landing page experience, you may not be meeting the threshold to show in the top search results, even for searches that have no one else advertising on them.

Google sets a minimum bid requirement to reach the top of the page. This means even if you were the only one to bid on a search, you still would not show at the top because you did not bid over the minimum bid. It's a little complicated but I hope that helps!