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How to avoid double counting...?

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Hi ,


Can anyone help me


How can i avoid double counting and can confirm from the ad performance report that my ad had been shown to the unique users only...?

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September 2015

Re: How to avoid double counting...?

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Hello Balu,

Welcome to AdWords Community!

You can go to dimensions tab, then navigate to Reach and Frequency option to see the data related to unique users.

Here is what it says in Help Center:
Avoiding double-counting

We can make sure that each browser we count is unique by only counting mature cookies. Mature cookies are cookies that were created before the date range for which reach is being estimated. For example, if you run a report from March 15 to March 31, cookies created through March 14 are counted as mature cookies. Cookies created on March 15 or after are discarded.

If we only count mature cookies, then we know that each cookie represents a unique browser, because all of them existed when the reporting period began, and two different cookies can't represent the same browser at the same time.

Hope this Helps.
-Prashanth Reniguntala