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How to appear on the exact url's within a display page.

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I make and sell acne products and we have agood size account. However not all of my display network placments seem to land on acne pages as often as I would like. Example: is a big network for us "many thousands $ a month" I can get on health related pages for but not "exclusivly" on their acne pages.


Of course an ad group for this type of placment would only havekw's with acne, no none acne kw's


What I now do is let put my ads on health pages, "foot fungus whatever" I then do an exact URL list every 7 days showing what urls my ad lands on 2% are acne pages, from that list then I exclude the 98% non acne junk pages put my ad on and then add the pages that are about acne. I now have a list of negative URLs for of over 10,000 urls and sometimes im not allowed to add more. 


Some places like have indexes for acne and look like this and I can usually get my ads mostly on their acne pages. But places like dont have 


What do I do? Its costing me a fortune to pay for bad urls just to find good urls. A good conversion is $2 for me, but I average $70 because I have to pay for all the junk urls that dont have acne in them. Once I have an acne url the conversions are great, people buy my products if the ads are on acne pages.


Can anyone help advise I would bemore than gratful. 

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Re: How to appear on the exact url's within a display page.

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You could try and add keywords to your manged placements adgroups to further restrict the pages on those placements that ads will show. If you select "specifc reach" for your network atrgeting settings, in theory, you would only show an ad when the theme of the keywords, relates to the content on the specific page of the placement.



Re: How to appear on the exact url's within a display page.

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Thank you very much for your reply. My managed placement ad groups are specific like "cystic acne treatment" and that ad group has only cystic acne variations kw's like cystic acne "products" "solutions" "remedies" etc and still my ads will land on any and all pages for these networks like or Articles,Top left over 90% of ads are not even on skin care.

I have sent in this question to Google email help as well, its been going on to long now.

Thanks you again.

Re: How to appear on the exact url's within a display page.

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Hello Nilsson1967;

Since on the display network all KWs operate collectively as a theme, is seems that the contextual targeting is not as focused as it should, resulting in your ads appearing in irrelevant pages on GDN

How many acne related KWs do you have?

  • Are all acne targeting?
  • Are there some KWs that the system may interpret as unrelated to acne?
  • Are you already using the new display network tab, that allows you to target specific keywords and increase the bid for KWs that brings you conversions?


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: How to appear on the exact url's within a display page.

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I think the short answer would be to have a campaign targeted to the specifc reach of the display network only, with one single page placement per adgroup only, and then create a specific ad or ads, for that specific page/adgroup. Then you should only accrue impressions on that page, for that ad in that adgroup. Use the exact URL/specific page/placement, as the one and only targeting option for the adgroup, and only include the ad(s) in that adgroup you want shown on that exact URL.


But, for some reason I wrote this below, before I thought to say that above, so read if you like... Smiley Happy


1. What is the theme of your ads? Free, learn more, etc. may be terms which increase CTR, but not neccesarily conversion rate. Clicks cost money, conversions make money. Higher conversion rates, at the expense of CTR, may reduce QS, but result in more sales, and more porfit. "Buy our product here" may hurt CTR, but the clicks you do get may be from users more likely to convert. 


2. Negative keywords. Health may not be a good negative keyword, because the specifc product advertised, may be a sub-theme of the overall health care theme (as Moshe points out, context matters with the display network). The negative broad match campaign keywords 'foot' and 'fungus', the phrase match negative term 'foot fungus', etc. would definitely help reduce impressions on pages with conent relating to foot fungus. When you spot a "theme" that isn't relavent, try adding that theme as a negative KW. 


3. What about the bidding options? CPC bidding, may not be the most effective option, for a conversion focused campaign. If you have enough historical conversion data to be eligible, conversion optimized bidding may be another tool which could help filter out irrelavent clicks and costs. 


4. Ad type - Image ads may require a higher bid to allow a high enough adrank to show. Some pages may only show one ad type or the other, some may alternate between both. Image ads may show in one position on the page, text ads another. 


If you know already, what the most profitable pages on individual placements are -  Are you maximizing the potential impression share on those placements with the current budget you have, within your potential marketplace?


Direct the majority of your budget and optimization efforts to those few pages/placements which generate the most revenue. Then the losses of the less, or not profitable placements can be completely mitagated. Long term growth may be stunted, but short term ROI will increase if you only advertise on the currently profitable placements. Smiley Happy




Re: How to appear on the exact url's within a display page.

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I just started this forum after 5 years of running my companies Google acct, Its great to have so many answers so quickly. I will defenatly use this forum much more. Google got back to me with my question and even they dont have a good answer. 


My "cystic acne" ad group has 80 Kws, all variations of cystic acne, broad, exact and phrase, there can be no confusion by Google. My search term like "cystic acne treatment" we are #1 on Google search, I have 300 different placement sites for this account, half are acne specific sites, the big problem is They take up 75% of the money for the cystic ad group so thats why I emphasize I only want my ads to show on acne pages on ehow, for a year I have been doing exact url placment for ehow, I have 10,000 negative urls for ehow and I add the acne urls whether or not they have a conversion "yet" I have 1,000 acne urls, but every day they are many new acne pages on ehow and evey day my ads show for every conceivable health related issue. The issue is those acne url's on die off quickly and new ones come every day, so to get on the new acne pages I have to be on all the others too and that has to stop.


I have copied this reply and gave it to the Google team as well. 


Thank you for helping I think its great this forum is out there.

Re: How to appear on the exact url's within a display page.

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I might be missing something:

  • Why do you have match types for your ad-group on GDN?
  • 80 variants of KWs is way to much for contextual targeting on the GDN - you may want to reorganize the list...
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: How to appear on the exact url's within a display page.

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Right now my "cystic" ad group is set "match all target methods" however I have both placments and search on the ad group. I had them seperated DN only and search only for "Cystic" but the conversions were very bad for the DN version of the group, so I went back to combining them. 


It is only lately that Google now shows "Display Keywords" and I now know what KW are good for search and bad for DN so I am in the process of seperating the "cystic acne" group into both seperate search and DN. 


Still this should not effect the main problem and other mass market sites put my ads on just about anything (I have multiple versions of each size ad and I a-b them colors, terms, etc monthly with new ads and rotate for quality) 


Below are my KW for the "cystic" group, its actually short from 2 years of adding negatives and pausing bad roi kw's. There are 350 paused kw's related to cystic ance that did not produce. 


There is some important info after these KW


cystic acne cure
[best acne treatment]
cystic acne product
cystic acne remedies
[cystic acne treatment]
"cystic acne products"
[severe nodular acne]
"best over the counter acne treatment"
[cystic acne remedy]
"cystic acne product"
guaranteed acne treatment
"cure for cystic acne"
cystic acne natural cure
natural cure for cystic acne
"cystic acne solution"
"severe cystic acne treatment"
best rated acne treatment
"how to clear cystic acne"
"clear acne treatment"
[cure for severe acne]
homeopathic cystic acne treatment
"natural remedy for cystic acne"
"natural treatments for cystic acne"
at home cystic acne treatment
herbal cystic acne treatment
acne free trial
cystic lesions acne
curing cystic acne
"cystic acne natural remedy"
acne treatments online
clear cystic acne
strongest acne treatment
"adult cystic acne treatment"
[best treatment for cystic acne]
cystic acne solutions
best cystic acne treatment
"detox acne"
"best treatments for cystic acne"
adult cystic acne treatments
"how to stop cystic acne"
"serious acne problems"
"cystic acne treatment solution"
what acne treatment works
"best products for cystic acne"
mild cystic acne treatment
[best treatment cystic acne]
"back cystic acne treatment"
"natural cures cystic acne"
"best product for cystic acne"
cystic acne supplement
supplement for cystic acne
cyst under skin acne
"cystic acne treatment over the counter"
[acne cysts]
[acne cyst]
"acne cyst"
"acne cysts"
"nodular acne"
Cystic Acnes
nodules acne treatment
"acne papules"
forehead acne treatment
"papules acne"
treatment for nodules
"Nodulocystic acne"
best cystic acne products
natrual cures for cystic acne
best acne free trial
stop cystic acne naturally
[treatment for systic acne]
"best serious acne"
"cleanser for sever cystic acne"
"herbs to cure cystic acne"
"best cystic ance treatment"
cystic acne treatment by esthetician
best solutions for severe nodular acne
how to tame cystic ance
how to treat and prevent cystic acne
alternative treatments for severe acne
cyst pimples acne treatment


We make the only professionally used drug free acne product. So we have groups like 


Cystic acne treatment   we are #1 on search 

organic acne treatment ....we are #1 on search 

pregnant acne treatment   we are #1 on search 

natural acne treatment  we are 3-5 

competing brands

adult acne treatment

teen acne treatment



We have found for example every pregnant acne url out there and added them individually to the pregnant groups DN, that only had pregnant related kw's. We have a free trial of our product and we use a different free trial page custom made for each group. Pregnant free trail has only testimonials and images of pregnant women and related info, same with the others and display ads are all different too relating to the groups. 


The last time I seperated accounts it was a disaster and I dont know why. But I am going to do it again. I would like advice on what KW to use for example with the new "pregnant acne" only DN group..should it only be "pregnant acne treatment" and leave it at that, and not use "pregnant acne product" "what removes pregnant acne" etc? This question also goes for the other groups. 

Re: GDN basics

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# 9
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Hello again Nilsson1967;

I will comment briefly, because there is much work to do with your campaign (well, at least as I see it ...)

Start with those basics steps:

  • Separate Search from GDN (GDN conversions are less than search - that is typical to GDN)
  • Minimize the list of KWs on GDN. (No need for that endless list; 10 KWs + 2-3 negative KWs would do an excellent job in contextual targeting - which is the basis for GDN. You are "confusing" the system with this endless list. No machine, as smart as Google can make, is able to compile a contextual targeting out of 80 KWs !)
  • Add placements;
  • Target by the following settings on GDN : "Show ads only on pages that match all my targeting methods"

That should, as a start, put your GDN campaign back on track.




[edited]: my post is only about the GDN. since (a part of the GDN) was the root cause of this discussion. I do sense that the search campaign needs optimization)

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: How to appear on the exact url's within a display page.

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Sigh. It's Google's advertisers that end up subsidizing these content farmers like eHow.

Are you sure you don't just want to block them entirely? Are they worth the hassle for the conversions? Have you thought about having a display/contextual ad group with just one keyword: acne. Remember that Google's contextual engine will also use the keywords in your ad text, so you don't always need a long list of keywords.