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How to Timeline Adwords Performance Optimization Work.

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I would like to know How to Timeline my Performance Optimization Work to tell my client, so they can expect what and when things will be done.


I know that optimization is a constant work and that it will adjust to the campaign needs, the moment situation.. etc   


For example;


Things I'll do:


Bid Optimization.

Keyword Expansion.

Negative Keyword Research.

Ad Text Optimization.

Reviewing Costly Keywords.

Reduce CPCs. Improve CTRs.

Increase Quality Score.

Obtain More Conversions.

Analyze Competitors.

Improvements on Landing Pages.

Find Market Opportunities.

Focused on Achieving Positive ROI.

Daily / Weekly calls; as need it.




Thanks in advance!

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September 2015

Re: How to Timeline Adwords Performance Optimization Work.

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Hi Carlos,
Sounds like you're on the way to forming a great client relationship. One thing I would suggest up front, is have your client give you a Brief, or a clear understanding of what they want out of the relationship. What kind of deliverables do they want? What timeline do they need? What do they need to prove that AdWords is successful? What kind of reports/optimizations do they want to see? Ultimately the timeline and deliverables will vary by client and by Account, but depending on your bandwidth, here are some suggestions I have for the most basic things that I think you should do (and they're timing) -
Status Calls (Weekly) - give your client an update on the work you have performed, and of work you're planning on doing

Monitor Search Terms Reports (Weekly) - find Keywords you have to add as negatives/positives

Ad Copy Testing (Bi-Weekly) - Test new Ad Copy vs old Copy and see how it impacts performance.

Planned Optimizations (Bi-Weekly) - Test new optimizations such as Bid updates, Landing Page Testing, Targeting settings, etc. Focus on always improving Conversions.

Landing Page Analysis (Monthly) - Make sure you're going to the best Landing Pages.

Bid Audit (Gap) Reports (Monthly) - Find out where there is a large discrepancy between your Max CPC Bids and your Actual CPCs

Reporting (Monthly) - set up a template that works so you don't have to spend a lot of time manually pulling in data

Test New Keywords (Monthly) - Add new, relevant Keywords as often as you can.

Test new Tactics (Monthly) - Such as Content targeting, beta, Ad Extensions, etc.

Restructures (Quarterly) - Should you consider restructuring your Account based on learning from the previous quarter.

Audit Campaign Settings (Quarterly) - Make sure nothing has changed in your Settings and they're all still correct.

Competitive Analysis (Quarterly) - Better to look at macro-trends then to report out on competitive insights on weekly basis.

Re: How to Timeline Adwords Performance Optimization Work.

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Thanks a lot vkore91,

That's very helpful.