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How to Optimize after Testing Two different Ads?

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I often have campaigns in which I'm testing two different ads.

After a while, I sometimes see this kind of stas:


Ad 1:

Conversion Rate: 33%

Avg. Pos. : 3.4

CTR: 1.7%

AVG. CPC: $1.1


Ad 2:

Conversion Rate: 22%

Avg. Pos. : 3.2

CTR: 2%

AVG. CPC: $1.05


Now, you might say, ok, Ad 2 has higher CTR, so the QS will be higher, and CPC a bit lower, so maybe I should choose it?

But, the conversion rate is lower compared to Ad 1.


So I can think about 3 possible actions in order to optimize:

1. Keep only Ad 1, because Conversion Rate is ultimately the thing I care about most, and it is about 50% higher than Ad 2.

2. Keep Only Ad 2, because CTR is higher, so QS will be higher for all keywords, and CPC will be lower. But like I said, conversion is what I really care about.

3. Keep Only Ad 2 - but Lower the Bids for all keywords. With lower bids, The Avg. Ad position will be lower, therefore CTR will be lower, but Conversion will probably be higher because if someone bothered to click on lower positioned ad, he's probably more serious about converting (and maybe that's the reason in first place that Ad 1 has 33% conversion, and not because the text of it is better), and CPC should be lower because I reduced my bids.



How often do you encounter similar scenario, and what will you do?


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Re: How to Optimize after Testing Two different Ads?

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Hey Jay, how are things?

In all scenarios you're considering to choose only to keep one ad. For me, you always need to have at leats two ads running, no matter what.

When we talk about campaigns with conversions, conversions are the most important thing, and not aways the ads/keywords with better CTR% will provide better conversions, as we can see with Ad 1. I mean, it's not always a "logical" process.

Although Ad 1 have higher conversion rate, you need to consider conversion volume. Since you didn't mention the amount of conversions, you need to evaluate if Ad 2 had more conversions than Ad 1. If that's the case, I prefer to loose a little on the Conversion Rate side to have more conversions. In that case, keep Ad 2. If that's not the case, keep Ad 1.

And for the looser, change the text and test it again against the one you're keeping to see if you can found a better ad then before Smiley Happy

That's my view on this.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: How to Optimize after Testing Two different Ads?

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Hi Jay,

In addition what Leandrofm, I would also check what %age of both ads served. If It served equally, then will check other factors like, number of conversion with conversion rate.

For taking action, your data should be realistic, don't consider only %age value.

--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: How to Optimize after Testing Two different Ads?

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What is %age?


Doesn't anyone here think it's natural that lower conversion rate isn't related to ad text, but to ad position?

If ad is positioned higher, then more people will click it "just because", but wouldn't necessarily convert. so I see no sense in keeping on paying for window shopping traffic. I can keep only this ad, lower my CPC, and then will have higher CR with lower CPC.


Also, Eventually I always keep only one ad. there's no sense in testing forever once I get far better results from one kind of ad.

How to Optimize after Testing Two different Ads?

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How to Optimize after Testing Two different Ads?

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