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How to Optimize Dynamic Remarketing & PLA Campaigns

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Please suggest some ways by which I can optimize my Dynamic Remarketing & Product Listing Ads Campaign.




Re: How to Optimize Dynamic Remarketing & PLA Campaigns

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Hi Anarung,

I don't have any accounts running Dynamic Remarketing, but have many accounts running PLAs. Here are some of account optimization tips:

1. Add Negative Keywords - even though you aren't bidding on keywords you can still see the search terms that are triggering your PLAs. I go through the search term report once a week and add negative terms that don't apply to the products I sell.

2. Use Auto-Targets - instead of having one ad group targeting all products, segment your product feed using auto targets. This way you have better control over bids and can increase bids for high ROI items and decrease for low ROI.

3. Build out your product feed - you might not have the ability to edit the product feed, but if you do definitely take advantage of the additional column fields such as adwords labels to group similar products for targeting.

4. Break out top performing products into their own campaign - I like to break out my top 10-20 products and put them in their own campaign to have a separate budget. I create an ad group for each product and auto-target using the product ID field. It will give you incredible control over performance.

This article by Heather Cooan is a great resource:

I'm sorry I couldn't provide insight on Dynamic Remarketing, but hope the PLA tips help!