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How to Keep Track on conversions

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Hello Everyone,


I have a landing page where 4 mobile of different companies with different price mentioned. We are targeting Adwords ads for that page. I want to know if any user come and do purchase on that landing page then how we can track every user.

How we can track conversions for individual product which is mentioned on same landing page?
How many quality of mobile has sold?
What company mobile is higly demanding on conversion basis?




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September 2015

Re: How to Keep Track on conversions

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Hi Pankaj,


To track conversion of a page you have to put conversion tracking code on 'Thank you page' (Check out Success Page) which will be showing after the check out process has been completed.


Here is the link to the page how to put conversion tracking set up for a page.


If all the products leading to one conversion page then it is not possible to track conversions for individual products in Adwords.However, with the help of Analytics eCommerce tracking you can track the individual product conversions separately.


Here is how you can track the conversions for eCommerce products 

Re: How to Keep Track on conversions

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I agree with John Paul's suggestion. In addition, you can use event tracking in Analytics to track button clicks. That might help you to determine which product a person purchased. You can also import Analytics goals into AdWords if you'd like to see the data in both places.