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How to Incress CTR rate & Quality score

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How to Incress CTR rate  &  Quality score

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September 2015

Re: How to Incress CTR rate & Quality score

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Although this is a very broad question and depends on several factors, I would like to answer it at a superficial level without going in to depth of dependencies

1. If you increase your CTR Smiley Happy it will automatically increase your quality score any way.


2. There are several factors involved in QS calculation and according to my experience some factors which are important and can be controlled by account manager are


a. Tightly themed account structure : To make sure that same theme search queries trigger from one adgroup, this automatically helps in ad relevancy to keyword


b. relevancy of keyword and ad copy: Make sure you have keyword or important part of keyword in the adcopy headline and displayURL


c. Landing page relevancy: Relevancy of content on landing page to the keyword is another important factor.


d. CTR: This is also important factor in QS calculation but is not directly controlled by account manager/ owner but indirectly can be influenced by factors described above and MaxCPC.


e. MaxCPC: This factor does not directly affect the QS but has indirect effect especially in very competitive markets where despite managing all above factors you might have low ad position which will lead to low CTR. Under these circumstances increasing MaxCPC indirectly influences QS by improving ad position thereby increasing CTR.


There are several other factors involved in calculating QS but i guess above discussed factors are major factors and good to start with.


Hope this helps



Regards, Nik
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Re: How to Incress CTR rate & Quality score

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Hi Dhaval,

As always I will start with "Campaign structure". Campaign structure should be upto mark in order to get good CTR and QS. You need to have tightly knitted adgroups with relevant adcopies and landing page + ad extensions. Relevancy between adgroups/keywords/adcopies/search terms & Ad extensions should be very high. Remove duplicated keywords with same match type if you have any from your campaign as google will show ad for single query at a time. Also your landing page should be relevant and user friendly specially to get good leads.

Utilize match types and check search query every seven days to weed out irrelevant keywords and add relevant keywords in your adgroup which is having high ctr and getting conversions.

You can also sometimes weed out keywords which are having high number of impressions with mere clicks, better keep them in separate adgroup.

Increase in CTR will lead you to improved QS but always remember you need to keep patience as you are competing with many other competitors. Slowly you will improvement in statistics.

You can also increase your bids slightly if you are having bad ad positions.

These are some basic suggestions to start with. Let us know if you have more questions and doubts.

- Neha

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Re: How to Incress CTR rate & Quality score

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Hi Dhaval,


Just a little addition to informative posts by Nik and Neha above, if you really want to grasp the indepth level of what Quality Score is all about, there's famous thread by Googler Tanmay in the past where he has defined this magical metric in his unique way. This is the link:


My couple of cents!


Re: How to Incress CTR rate & Quality score

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The best, practical answer is always to log into your account and analyze the keywords you would like to improve. If it's a new campaign, wait after the campaign has matured (a month or so). 

Then, you just need to mouse over the status bubble next to your keyword(s) in the status tab:


You can then see exactly which factors directly impact the quality score for your keyword(s). If you see "below average" status  for the expected ctr, it means that you might want to consider changing this keyword to be more specific. You could also edit your ad text as well. 

Re: How to Incress CTR rate & Quality score

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uhm...what are you trying to accomplish? increase leads? increase conversions? sometimes increasing CTR is not the best answer to increasing conversions or maximize profit. please revise your question.