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How to Increase Conversions On Non Branded Keywords

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My client is getting ample number of conversions from there Brand Name Keywords. But conversion rate from Non branded keywords is really very low although the CTR, Adcopies, Quality score, Landing page relevancy are upto the mark. I have only this month to get maximum sales from Non Branded Keywords or else he wont continue with Adwords if he didnt find any positive results.


My personal views in this scenario is that when a person types a Non Branded keywords they are in a phase of research which almost every users does before taking the final decision of purchase. Most of the users when they are done researching the best product they bookmark the site or note down the websites name and later convert it by typing the Brand name in search engine, Via Bookmark ( as they are aware of now ) or directly typing the domain name.


Now here if the users types the 1] brand keywords and converts, the conversion will show on Brand Keyword

( No direct Value on Non Branded keyword).

2] Converts via Bookmark then the coversion will show as Conv/Click on Non branded keywords if its within the cookie date range we have set. ( Have value on Non Branded keyword )

3] Directly typing the domain name and converts ( No Value on Non Branded keyword )

4] Directly typing the Brand keyword and clicking the organic link and converting.(No Value on Non Branded keyword )


In 1st. 3rd & 4th point  No direct value on Non branded keywords although sale conversion was provoked by Non branded keyword. This happen in many keywords accross the campaigns. I can send my client a report of Clicks and Impression Assisted conversions but they are just not enough to hold him.


I need some ideas how i can direcly increase sales on Non Branded Keywords. Can anyone help me out with this.?


Waiting for inputs.



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Re: How to Increase Conversions On Non Branded Keywords

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Hi Frank,
Welcome to the question that Google has been trying to help us answer for the past 10 years. Luckily, they've come through recently.

Before I continue however, it's important to understand that users clicking on ads and using keywords that are "research phase" keywords are never going to convert as well. You need to start finding words that are used after the first phase. Here's a great article by Juliana on this topic.

There's a wealth of additional information out there on this topic.

Now, on to actually tracking the value of AdWords beyond (or perhaps prior to) the last click. Enter Google Analytics. In particular, multi channel funnels and model attribution.

Here's a good intro to MCF:
Here's a really good webinar on MCF and Attribution:

Regarding the model attribution feature in GA, this is probably what you're going to need to convince your client to the value of AdWords. Here's an excellent 4 min intro; (This one is a must watch)

If you want more detail on attribution, here's a great webinar:

This is a MASSIVE topic and one I'm pretty interested in so if you want to give those videos a watch and come back to me, I'd be happy to go into more detail with you.