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How to Improve vedio campaign on youtube.

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I had post adword video campaign last two days ago, i already have created one target group including all the feature target group has such as demography (10), interest (23), topics (21), content key words (58), youtube search key words (299) and i have placement on YouTube but i could not get good impression for my add. therefore my add is not displaying in right frequency. could anybody help me, how can i improve my add frequency on YouTube and increase keyword impression and view?

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September 2015

Re: How to Improve vedio campaign on youtube.

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Hi Kamrul,

The reason you might not be getting many impressions is because it looks like you have a lot of targeting criteria in one targeting group. If you have multiple targeting criteria in one targeting group, the user has to match ALL those criteria for the ad to show.

So set up multiple targeting groups instead of putting them all in one and that should help!