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How to I increase my clicks to impressions ratio?

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I have received 37,700 impressions, but only 174 clicks. I would like to increase the ratio of impressions to clicks. I am inexperienced at advertising, and would like simple instructions that would reduce my cost and increase my clicks. I am not sure exactly how to accomplish this, so I am contacting for help.

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September 2015

Re: How to I increase my clicks to impressions ratio?

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Hello, FaithField.


Welcome to our community. Can you please provide some details? Are you running text only ads on the Search Network, or are you also running display ads on all sort of websites (text and maybe image)?


Basically, the CTR (click-through rate, or clicks / impressions ratio) is high, for search ads, when an ad answers a person's search query. And the closer the ad is to the searcher's intention, provided that the ad gets to show in a visible (high) position, so it gets noticed, the higher the CTR.


Go to your Keywords tab in one of your ad groups, click on the Columns grey button and make sure to select the Quality Score column, and enable it. What numbers does it show?


Also, next to each keyword in your ad group, there's a small speech bubble. Hover over it for some keywords and tell us what it says.


For the display network (ads shown to people as they browse websites which are part of the Google Display Network), click through rate is usually way lower than the one for search ads, as those ads are shown to all sorts of people, many of them maybe not interested in the advertisers' offer.


Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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Re: How to I increase my clicks to impressions ratio?

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Giving us a click rate doesn't mean much without the context of position as well as giving us your Quality Score. But I gather that maybe you have the display network as well. You should never mix search and display (aka content) networks together. They are different so should be treated differently.


The way to increase CTR and therefore QS is to have better ads, provided you also have the proper keywords. Use the words in your ads to give people a reason to click. That's another way of saying what Calin said about your ad answering the question of the search.