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How to Create Single Keyword Adgroups (SKAG) in Existing Account?

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How to create Single Keyword Adgroups (SKAG) in an existing account?


I would like to create Single Keyword Adgroups (SKAG) for my low CTR & low Quality Score - high cost keywords. These keywords are in different campaigns and adgroups across my account.


Filtering out those keywords and create new adgroups for them is not a problem, but what makes it difficult...:

I also want to copy the existing Ads & Sitelinks that are in the adgroups (where these keywords are in now) and re-use them in the new single keyword adgroups (and optimize them after that ofcourse...).


Is there a smart way to create new SKAGs for them + copy the related ads & sitelinks in new single keyword adgroups (eg. via Excel or Editor)?


Thanks a lot for your help!



Re: How to Create Single Keyword Adgroups (SKAG) in Existing Account?

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To share some thoughts:
I found a solution for restructuring low QS-CTR and keep ads & sitelinks (it's a little timeconsuming, but it could help...) NOTE: It's not a solution for creating single keyword adgroups!

In the AWE:
1) Search for low performing keywords (QS - Costs - CTR)
2) Give them a unique comment
3) Copy them to excel
4) Copy the adgroup titles
5) Search for the exact adgroup titles in the AWE
6) Copy these adgroups and give them a unique name (eg. you can add QS-CTR test)
7) Delete all keywords in these new adgroups without a comment
8) Pauze all keywords in the other adgroups with a comment
9) Optimize Ads etc. in the new adgroups

This way you can restructure your adgroups and re-use the ads & sitelinks for optimization...