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How much CTR should an Ideal account have?

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How much CTR should an AdWords account have. At present I am having 0.57%. Is this ok or should I focus on improving it.

Anand Vishwakarma
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September 2015

Re: How much CTR should an Ideal account have?

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I'll never get tired of answering this question. Here's my answer: the ideal CTR is 100%, assuming that your ads are only seen by 100% certain converters. Anything under that, and you're losing potential conversions.


If your ads are seen by 50% certain converters and 50% certain non-converters, your ideal CTR should be 50%. But even then, you should work on "hiding" your ad from sure non-converters, through the various targeting and exclusion methods available.


0.50% though is rather small, if we're talking about Search campaigns. If we're talking about campaigns with a mix of search and display targeting, the first step would be to separate the campaigns, if not for anything else at least in order to get some accurate numbers in our general stats, as the CTR is very, very different in search and display campaigns.


As a general idea, a the higher the CTR the better, as this is the most important factor in calculating the quality score and the cost per click. However, improving the CTR through use of irrelevant keywords, ad text or targeting methods may lead to many clicks and no conversions.


The only situation in which a website would benefit from the highest CTR available is the situation in which any visit, regardless of the visitor, is a conversion. But I cannot think of any such situation.


On a more serious note, please tell us what your current setup is, as 0.57% is pretty small, unless you get a huge percentage of your impressions from the display network, mixed with a low percentage of impressions from the search network.


But, like I said, if this is the case, then campaign separation is the best step towards a better understanding of performance. After that you may look at ways of improving CTR.


My 2 cents.



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