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How long does new adcopy take to get a high impression share

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In the past I have noticed that new adcopy takes a while to get a high impression share. Is there anyway round this?

How long does new adcopy take to get a high impression share

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I guess that depends on what you mean. Do you mean actual impression share (IS), in terms the total impressions available how often are your ads served? Or do you mean a specific ad being served in relation to another ad in your ad group (percent served)?


If it's the first, there are many factors that go into it. Quality score (encompasses many things), bid, and ad extensions. If you more impression share overall you need to improve your quality score, but that generally takes time.


So there are two things that will make a quick impact:


• Raise bids for the keywords in the ad group to which the ad belongs.

• If you don't have ad extensions turned on, do it.


If you are talking about percent served. First, make sure your ads are on "rotate evenly" or "rotate indefinitely". Ideally this is supposed to make the ads in that group enter the ad auction the same number of times. Keep in mind that doesn't mean they will receive an even number of impressions.


I often see they aren't even. Google says because they judge the ad on quality and one ad may be served on the first page, while the other may be shown on the second page, meaning it receives fewer impressions.


To combat this, at times when adding a new ad I have turned off the older ads to give the new ad some history, then turn the original back on and then they tend to receive roughly even number of impressions.


Hope that helped.