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How does the default bid work?

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Just started adwords last week and am wondering how the default bid works?  Also is there a better way to keep costs down while getting the most from my bids?




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Re: How does the default bid work?

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Hello New User ! Welcome to the Community !


This help section is the place to start learning about bidding :


But the most interesting resource that helped me take shortcuts in the learning curve are the videos.

For example this video from Hal Varian from the googlebusiness youtube channel ( official adwords teaching resource)


Google AdWords Bidding Tutorial ( video )


Post in the forum any questions you might have about bidding, after you have read the documentation.

Re: How does the default bid work?

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Hi Rich,
Thanks for posting your querySmiley Happy

In Adwords default bid only reflects when you leave the keywords level bid column blanks. It works same as keywords level bid.
Keeping the default bid ad keyword level means your bid amount are same in all keywords in that particular ad group.

Learn Bidding strategy in adwords

Please Feel free to post your QuerySmiley Happy

--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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