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How does QS actually work

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I'm curious, one of my keywords gets 10.5% CTR, the ad is specifically targeting the keyword, very relevant to the adgroup, yet still ... 6/10 QS.

Do you always have to write the keyword in the headline to trick the algorithm into giving you a higher QS? Or stuff the keyword in the landing page to also get a higher score? 



Does anyone know how the google quality score algorithm actually works?

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Re: How does QS actually work

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Hi Raymond,


If you click the speech bubble under the 'Status' column it should tell you what you can do to improve your QS.


In regards to how QS actually works, only Google knows exactly how, we can just go off of what they tell us.


Hope this helps,

How does QS actually work

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Hi Raymond-Smit,


The most vital component of QS is the Expected click through rate and it varies with the account historical performance.

If your current CTR continues then the Expected CTR will improve gradually.


There are 2 more components of QS. These are:

Ad relevance Making sure your ads are relevant

Landing page Experience Understanding landing page experience


So, cross-check which of the 3 components is lacking and then optimise accordingly.


Go through the Google's Best practices to improve QS


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How does QS actually work

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Just as an added point... all keywords start with a 6/10 score and then, as traffic builds, Google comes back, reevaluates and adjusts up or down - sometimes it can be some time before Google updates things.


That said, the QS we see reported should be viewed as a guide - the true QS is calculated "on the fly" as Google looks at each search query.


Here's a comment that will probably attract a lot of flak.... but it is dangerous to get obsessed with QS. If you follow best practices - i.e. you tightly theme your keywords, you write engaging ad copy that resonates with that keyword theme and send visitors to a landing page that does the same - then your campaign should enjoy success. As a "side effect" the keywords in your ad groups would probably have decent QS.


QS is, therefore, perhaps easier seen as a reflection of what you are looking to achieve rather than the objective.


It's nice to have a high QS, but it's not as good as having a high conversion rate and a good ROI.