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How do you feel about mixing match types?

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I appreciate this is an age old debate. I currently have a separate ad group for the exact match but I am sorely tempted to have both BMM and EM in the same adgroup. The main reason, is that I am not convinced I'll suffer any negative effects AND it will be much easier to manage as my campaign grows. 


What are your thoughts? 

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Re: How do you feel about mixing match types?

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There are no negative effects of all keyword concepts using mixed match types in one group as long as you adjust bids accordingly and have strong tight ad copy that match keyword concepts.

The mass majority of the accounts I work with I have mixed matches per ad group. I find it easier to manage, I adjust the bids so as not to compete against each other and attempt funnel the keyword to the match type i prefer.

Here is an example.

Ad Group - Blue Widgets ( which as Exact, BBM and Broad all in same group)

[Blue Widgets] - Bid - 10
+Blue + Widgets Bid 8
Blue Widgets Bid - 6

I do have one account that I recently took over that has each match type in a separate ad group and I find it way more difficult to manage. (Might just be personal preference, but I like to make sure my ad groups are tight, sync with Ad Copy and In one instance I can see what is happening to that Keyword Group Concept instead of jumping around to 2 or 3 Ad groups for the same "Keyword Concept.

Re: How do you feel about mixing match types?

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Hi @Jenny M as @Eric Gehler has suggested, there's an awful lot of rumour and myth surrounding the use of multiple match types but the truth is it's quite common, and AdWords has sophisticated systems in place to handle the situation.


A good rule of thumb with any "should I have a separate Group" type question is to think about the Ads.  Do you want to show different Ad(s) for a certain Keyword?  If the answer is yes, you need another Group, if the answer is no, you don't.  This is a good approach for many situations, your Ad(s) should be as tightly relevant to the Keyword(s) in a Group as possible.  If a change to the Ad(s) could make them more relevant to one Keyword than another, then you need to split the Group.



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