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How do i pick the best keywords for my ad campaign?

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Hi there,


This is our first time using Google Ads and i was just wondering if there are any tips to finding out the best keywords to use for our particular market.

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September 2015

Re: How do i pick the best keywords for my ad campaign?

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Hi Jake,

There are lots of places to loo¡k for keywords - some are obvious, some perhaps less so.

The best starting points are twofold:

1- your own brainstorming - you know what you offer and know what you would like people to be searching for if they were to find your site. But think about this for a moment. let's say you offer tree pruning services (no idea where THAT came from, but we're stuck with it now!)... you'd like to attract people searching for "tree pruning" and "tree surgeon" perhaps but not people looking for a "mug tree" or a "plastic surgeon" - you also want to attract people who search for "orchard maintenance" but don't want people looking for - and I can't remember the word for it - that hobby where you basically sculpt bushes to look like birds and things....

so now you have a couple of lists - those I want and those I don't - think about how to use the ones you want as keywords and the ones you don't as negatives.

2. Look at your organic traffic - hopefully you will have some traffic already finding your site through organic search - take a look in Google Analytics (if you don't have GA installed on your site - you'll want to do that right away) to see what keywords people are using whjen they search - but also look at hoew these people behave once on your site - some will trigger visits that engage well and convert others will generate visits that bounce and don't convert - you want more of the former.

3 - us the keyword planner in AdWords - Google will scan your site and make suggestions.

4 - Once you've started to run your ads you will also be able to use the search term reports under "Details" in the keyword tab - here you will see which actual search terms triggered ad impressions and clicks - and sometimes you will be surprised by what triggers your ads - again a great source for both keywords and negative keywords....

finally - monitor.... all the time. Look to see which keywords work for you and develop permutations of them. If "tree pruning" works try "bush pruning", "hedge pruning", "tree maintenance", "tree care" and so on....

By the way all the examples above I've put in "" - but that's only to highlight them - you might also look to use broad match, BMM, phrase match and exact match versions as you start out to see which work best for you....

Re: How do i pick the best keywords for my ad campaign?

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Thanks Steve!

This was very informative and am now that bit closer to understanding what it is we want to do.